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Labirin Games

Elsa Labyrinth Escape
Elsa is on a magical treasure hunt! Escape the maze and find clues aroun...

Pou in Maze
Uh oh! The adorable little Pou has become lost in a maze! Can you help h...

Smart Mantis
Not your everyday pet, this Mantis needs to be taken care of. Can you gu...

Puzzle Cubes
Proceed the Ice ball in the right direction to convert all the squares i...

Mole Mines
Help Mr. Mole with his digging, be careful though as you don't want to h...

Frog Prince Adventure
Take the lovely princess on an adventure to reach her frog prince. She h...

Neptunes Treasure
Neptune's Treasure is a fishy tale of theft and retaliation! Deep sea di...

Pyramid Heist
Cassie is going on an adventure to unearth the treasures hidden deep wit...

Turtillion Island
It's up to you to make sure the island's turtle population lives on. Get...

Record Tripping
Record Tripping is an immersive gaming experience that begins with the s...

Ayse Walking in the Dark
Try to find your way home without the lights!

Bratz Kidz Racing Starz
Bratz Kidz Racing Starz -Find the yellow stars and beat your opponent to...

Sue Candy Eater
Sue Candy Eater - Build a path so Sue can collect the candies.

Sue Dating Machine
Sue Dating Machine - Match the couples by building pipelines.

Hope's Babysitting Maze
Hope's Babysitting Maze - Ready for some babysitting adventures?

Fish Hunt!
Fish Hunt! - Can you complete all 6 missions?

Rat Maze 2
Rat Maze 2 - Help the rat through the maze and find lots of cheese.

Playing With Fire 2 Game
Playing With Fire 2 Game - Select the number of players and level to sta...

Chicks On The Run Game
Chicks On The Run Game have fun getting the chicks to the correct feeder!

Hopes Baby Sitting Maze Game
Collect what ever the baby tell you to collect and get back to the baby ...

Phantom Mansion Game
Explore the room and win the game!
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