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Category: Your Favorited Games


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Dolphin Slacking
{"description":"Visiting the Sea Park is sure fun, unless you're poor Bubbles the Dolphin! Bubbles is a lazy dolphin but he will do anything to get some fish, like performing cool tricks. But today he wants to avoid the Sea Park ranger and just slack off for a change... Can Bubbles the Dolphin have a splashing good time, or will he become a wet fish?","stars":83.018867924528}

To Ride Free
{"description":"To ride free is the dream of this girl. She's always wanted to choose her own horse and to gallop through the meadows however she wants with the wind blowing in her hair. But what would she wear?","stars":100}

Baby Barbie Frozen Party
{"description":"It's Baby Barbie's birthday and she is celebrating with a Frozen themed birthday party! Get the party ready by decorating the room and making a Frozen themed cake! Then dress up Baby Barbie in her party dress and have fun celebrating with her friends.","stars":0}

Super Barbie Pyjama Party
{"description":"Super Barbie is having a pyjama party with Chelsea and Corinne. Have a fun night of trying out new beauty treatments and facial creams, dressing up in cute nightwear and enjoy cool party snacks.","stars":100}

Elsa and Rapunzel Matching Outfits
{"description":"Elsa and Rapunzel are best friends! The two of them are going on a shopping spree around Arendelle and want to wear matching outfits. Can you get them ready with a BFF makeover?","stars":0}

Create a Cake
{"description":"Everyone loves cake and cake can be used for any occasional. Weddings, birthdays, any kind of celebration! I'm going to make a cake because I just love cake. Create your own dream fantasy cake for any occasion.","stars":50}

Sonic Solitaire
{"description":"Play a fun game of Solitaire with your favorite Sonic the Hedgehog characters! Can you beat this challenging game of cards and defeat Dr Eggman?","stars":100}

Celebrities Mahjong
{"description":"Play Mahjong with your favorite celebrities! Match the tiles in this traditional and challenging puzzle game.","stars":100}

Chibi Elsa's Modern Makeover
{"description":"Meet a cute Chibi version of Elsa! This adorable version of our Frozen star will look even cuter when dressed up in modern fashion. Give her a makeover by picking out some gorgeous makeup and a cute new outfit to match.","stars":70}

Ariel Flies To Tokyo
{"description":"Since Ariel began living on the land rather than under the sea, she has wanted to travel all over the world! She is taking a vacation to Japan to learn more about Japanese culture. Help Ariel decorate her suitcase and board the plane. When she arrives, dress her up in a beautiful Japanese outfit to start off her holiday.","stars":100}

Elsa After Wedding
{"description":"Elsa has just married! She's had a long day of saying her vows and spending the reception dancing with her family. Now it's time for her to go to bed and rest. Help get her ready for a long nights sleep by removing her makeup and picking a gown.","stars":50}

Baby Barbie Fairy Salon
{"description":"Baby Barbie is having a fairy themed tea party and has invited her best friends along. Get her ready with a fairy makeover and then dress Baby Barbie in an adorable fairy outfit.","stars":78.378378378378}

Tattoo Shop Spa Salon
{"description":"Open up and run your very own tattoo parlor! Give an ace tattoo to your very first customer by choosing a design and following the steps to apply it and color it in. Don't forget to apply anti-septic cream afterwards and become a pro tattoo artist!","stars":88.235294117647}

Elsa Time Travel Ancient Egypt
{"description":"Elsa has discovered how to build a time machine and she wants to visit Ancient Egypt! Help her to build her time machine and then travel back in time. In order to fit in, she will need to dress up as an Ancient Egyptian princess. ","stars":80}

Dirty Shoes Clean Up Game
{"description":"Oh no! This girl's favorite shoes are dirty and damaged and she needs them for a glamorous party. Help her to clean and repair them and then give them a fab new makeover so they'll be good as new.","stars":94.736842105263}

Cooking Yummy Ice Pops
{"description":"Summer isn't over yet and the days are still warm. Cool down with these deliciously fruit iced pops. Prepare the fruit and then learn how to make your own cool ice pops from your own kitchen with this frozen treat.","stars":88.235294117647}

Ariel Pregnant Check-Up
{"description":"Ariel is pregnant and expecting a baby soon. Take her to the hospital for a checkup and make sure Ariel and her baby are happy and healthy.","stars":87.5}

Ariel Ocean Swimming
{"description":"Ariel has a fun day planned with her friends under the sea! Get her ready with a relaxing bath and then chill out with Ariel and Flounder with their fishy friends.","stars":64.285714285714}

Baby Barbie Little Pony Face Painting
{"description":"Baby Barbie loves My Little Pony and wants to paint her face with designs inspired from her favorite TV show. Pick an outfit for Baby Barbie and then choose a face paint mask design to color in. Fun!","stars":85}

Last Minute DIY Dress
{"description":"Uh oh! This girl has been invited to a ceremony but doesn't have anything to wear! She will need your help to come up with a dress. Take a look around her room to find suitable materials to turn into a dress. She will need some accessories to finish off the glamour look!","stars":85.714285714286}

Monster High Design School Shoes
{"description":"Draculaura and her friends are back at Monster High for another semester of school. They're packing the things they need for school including their school uniform, but they're missing a pair of killer shoes! Design a fabulous pair of school shoes for our Monster High friends by choosing a design and decorating it however you like.","stars":76.923076923077}

Uphill Rush 7: Waterpark
{"description":"Head to the water park and have a splash! Race along the waterway and stay on track as you go through loops and knock other swimmers out of the way. Collect coins to unlock upgrades and more! Whooosh!","stars":88.679245283019}

Berry Jump
{"description":"Jump as high as you can! Keep jumping into the sky and collect delicious berries on the way to keep you afloat in the air. But watch out for mines and other deadly dangers waiting to knock you out of the sky!","stars":100}

Blocks Jungle
{"description":"Head to the jungle and bash open some blocks in this fun and wild puzzle game! Can you match all the blocks and grab a high score before the time runs out?","stars":66.666666666667}

A Complete Breakfast
{"description":"Get ready for the weekend and start your day with a complete breakfast! They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day and a big breakfast will keep you going all day long. What is your perfect breakfast? Don't forget the coffee!","stars":100}

Sweet Dreamer
{"description":"Are you a daydreamer? This girl loves to daydream about all kinds of things; what's for lunch, the boy next door, what would happen if a unicorn suddenly appeared in the middle of the mall... She's quite absent minded! She even daydreams about all the cool fashion she would love to wear next.","stars":100}

Elsa Cosmetic Salon
{"description":"Elsa has become a beautician in her very own cosmetic salon in Arendelle. Her first customer is Ariel who wants a beautiful butterfly mask! Help Elsa to apply the makeup to Ariel and give her a makeover.","stars":64.285714285714}

Elsa's Patchwork Dress
{"description":"Design a new patchwork dress for Elsa! Choose a design and then decorate it with different colors and patterns to create a beautiful patchwork style that Elsa will love to show off around Arendelle.","stars":62.5}

Cooking with Mommy
{"description":"Baby Alice loves to eat pie! It's her daddy's birthday soon and she's had the idea of making a special pie for him, with mom's help of course! Head to the supermarket to buy ingredients and then help bake a delicious pie with Baby Alice and her mom.","stars":86.666666666667}

Newborn Baby Care
{"description":"Welcome to the newborn baby nursery! It is your first day as a babysitter in the nursery and your job is to care for these newborn babies and make sure they are happy, healthy and clean. You will need to bathe, feed and play with these cute babies and also decorate their nursery.","stars":84.102564102564}

OMG So Cute!
{"description":"Head to the farm with your best buddy and adopt a new pet! These bunnies are adorable and the two BFF's can't help but fall in love with their own fluffy rabbit. Dress them up for picking up their new pet pal.","stars":84.615384615385}

Cooking Delicious Cheese Cake
{"description":"Head to your kitchen and let's bake a delicious cheese cake! Cheesecake is easy to make and you can use what ever flavors and toppings you like. Why not make a fruity cheesecake for the end of summer. Follow the recipe for deliciousness!","stars":80}

Apple White Real Haircuts
{"description":"Meet the beautiful Apple White. She is the daughter of Snow White and a top student at Ever After High! She's heading back to school soon for the new semester and needs a new haircut for the new term. Use the hairdressing tools to cut, style and dye her hair and then pick out a gorgeous new outfit to match.","stars":90.909090909091}

Talking Angela Dance Lessons
{"description":"Angela loves to party and she has been taking dancing lessons! Dance with her by using your keyboard to get the right moves. Choose from different styles of dancing including disco, hip hop and salsa!","stars":88.888888888889}

Top of the World!
{"description":"This girl loves to escape from the hustle and bustle of her every day life to go find a nice secluded spot where she can read a book and just relax. When she climbs a high tree or finds a tall ledge, she feels on top of the world!","stars":100}
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