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Category: Your Favorited Games


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Mia Cooking Spicy Beef Burger
{"description":"Join Mia this summer and learn to grill up a delicious spicy beef burger, perfect for a family barbecue. Help Mia to prepare the ingredients by grinding the mincemeat and rolling it up into a juicy burger. Serve with a bun and fresh vegetables as well as chunky fries for a mouth watering meal. Beautiful.","stars":84.615384615385}

You Pick Picnic
{"description":"The warmer weather is a perfect excuse to visit the park and have a delicious picnic! Picking out what food, drink and tasty snacks to pack in your picnic basket is the best part; what will you bring?","stars":75}

Extreme Makeover
{"description":"Hey girls; welcome to extreme makeovers! This lucky girl has one the most extreme makeover of her life, which includes indulgent spa treatments, a visit to the hair salon, a new hairstyle and a whole new wardrobe... Plus a lot more!","stars":70}

Belle Real Haircuts
{"description":"Belle has been living inside an enchanted castle and now the castle's owner, a fearsome beast, has asked Belle out to the ball. Help get Belle prepared for a night she'll never forget with a gorgeous new hairstyle and makeover.","stars":91.666666666667}

Baby Lisa Makeover
{"description":"Baby Lisa has grown up into a young teenager and is having trouble dealing with acne. Help give her a cleansing makeover so she can look and feel great.","stars":84.615384615385}

Paleo Patty
{"description":"Patty is a budding archaeologist and loves to visit dinosaur dig sites to examine cool dinosaur bones and learn more about history. But she always looks fantastic when holding a brush and digging up the past.","stars":100}

Kate Middleton Dress Up
{"description":"Meet Kate Middleton, the amazing British princess and mother of the adorable king-to-be prince George. Kate Middleton is a classy lady that looks beautiful in all kinds of designer fashion styles. Pick out an outfit for her royal tour around London.","stars":33.333333333333}

Barbie Fairy Princess
{"description":"Barbie was in her garden when she found a magical doorway to the kingdom of fairies. They have asked her to become their princess! Dress Barbie up for her new life as a fairy princess. Don't forget the fairy wings!","stars":88.888888888889}

Cocoa Ripple Cake
{"description":"Cake is the best! And you know what is the best cake? Chocolate cake of course! Learn how to bake your very own cocoa ripple cake by following this simple recipe.","stars":77.777777777778}

Frozen Elsa's Coronation Hairstyle
{"description":"Hey girls, do you love Frozen? It's one of my favorite films! And I love Elsa's hairstyle, as does this girl... Help wash and style her hair with inspiration from Elsa. Then top off the hairstyle with a beautiful bow or hairband.","stars":91.836734693878}

Red Riding Hood Adventures
{"description":"Little Red Riding Hood needs to visit her grandma in the woods, but first she'll need to gather some ingredients to bake a cake! When the cake is ready, dress her up in her lovely hood and collect flowers on the way.","stars":100}

Angela and Ginger Birthday Surprise
{"description":"It's Tom#s birthday soon so Angela and Ginger are planning a surprise birthday party. Take them to the store and help them find all the items they need for the perfect party.","stars":90}

Princess Royal Salon
{"description":"Being a princess is hard work, as you always need to look your best and wear only the most beautiful dresses. This princess has just woken up and needs a trip to the royal salon to freshen up and prepare for a day of royal duties.","stars":89.655172413793}

Barbie Magician Princess
{"description":"Barbie has always been a bit magical herself and now she's decided to become a professional magician! This means learning all of the secret magic tricks... And dressing up in colorful silk and velvet outfits.","stars":92.307692307692}

Fantasy Forest
{"description":"Welcome to the fantasy forest, a magical place full of wonder... And beautiful fairies. These fairies love to flutter around the flowers and trees... Can you design your own amazing fairy?","stars":0}

Olaf Summer Vacation
{"description":"The summer is here and cute Olaf wants to go on his first summer vacation! It's not easy being a snowman, but he's super excited to visit the beach for the first time. Help make his holiday a memorable one.","stars":86.486486486486}

Maleficent Beauty Secrets
{"description":"Meet Maleficent, a beautiful queen who has had a hard time in life. But just because she's wicked doesn't mean she can't look beautiful. Treat her to a magical makeover and dress her up in gorgeous gowns.","stars":86.363636363636}

Talking Angela Great Makeover
{"description":"Angela is one sassy cat that loves to make friends and gossip. She's going to the cafe today to gossip with her best friend, but first, she needs a cool feline makeover.","stars":78.571428571429}

Tasty Cherry Cake
{"description":"MMm, I love cake, and I really love tasty cherry cake! A good fruit cake is the perfect dessert for the summer and would liven up any picnic or barbecue. Learn how to bake this lovely homemade cake right in your own kitchen.","stars":81.818181818182}

Wedding Couple Doll House Decor
{"description":"Imagining a life for your dolls is something every girl does. This doll house is full of cute couples that have just gotten married and moved into their new home. Can you decorate their dream wedding house?","stars":95}

Barbie Nails Spa
{"description":"You know Barbie; she always likes to be the queen of fashion and style, even with her nails! She needs a full nail spa and manicure to keep her nails look shiny and glamorous. Paint her nails with gorgeous designs and colorful patterns, and then pick out a chic bracelet to top off the look.","stars":91.666666666667}

Puppy Pizza
{"description":"Mmmm, pizza is delicious to eat, but have you ever thought of making your pet puppy a pizza? Well now you can! This dog-licious recipe uses canned dog food and dry doggie biscuits for the ultimate puppy pizza.","stars":83.333333333333}

Jazz Dancer
{"description":"It's time to get wild this weekend and head to the jazziest place in town; the jazz bar! They're holding a dancing competition. You know you have the moves, but do you have the style? It's time to pick out your winning jazz outfit.","stars":66.666666666667}

Nose Doctor Game
{"description":"We all know it's important to brush our teeth, wash our hands and keep our ears clean.. But what about our nose? That gets a lot of dirt and gunk inside! This poor girl didn't keep her nose clean and now she needs to visit the nose doctor to clear out all the blockages inside.","stars":80.357142857143}

Bake Sale Pie Cupcakes
{"description":"There are many fairs and markets on this summer. You can help out by baking and selling these delicious pie cupcakes! Are they a pie? Or a cupcake? They're a bit of both but who cares because they'll taste delicious anyway!","stars":83.333333333333}

Frozen Baby Care
{"description":"Sisters Elsa and Anna were both super cute when they were baby's growing up in Arendelle. Now is your chance to become the babysitter to both of them and look after their needs! Change their diaper and keep them happy, then dress them up in cute royal outfits.","stars":87.301587301587}

Off the Leash at the Dog Park!
{"description":"It's a beautiful summer afternoon so it's time to cut loose and relax by taking your awesome dog to the park. And your pup deserves to cut loose too by taking him off his leash and letting him run wild with a stick in his mouth.","stars":100}

Anna Frozen Hair Spa
{"description":"Anna is back in the castle but all of the snow outside has dried up her hair. Treat the princess to a luxurious hair spa with shampoo treatments and a new hairstyle. Cut and dye her hair however you like and top it off with a cute hairband.","stars":96.610169491525}

Ratatouille Pizza
{"description":"The weekend is almost here, and what better way to celebrate than by combining two European favorites into one and making a delicious ratatouille pizza. Gather the ingredients and bake it from home. Yum!","stars":80}

Pool Slacking
{"description":"Summer is here and Sarah is feeling the heat! She's been asked to babysit her neighbor's kids during their pool party. Sounds boring! But Sarah is sure she can slack off, cool down and enjoy her neighbor's swimming pool whilst keeping these pesky kids out of trouble... Right?","stars":89.16704597178}

Toasted Ravioli Bites
{"description":"Pasta makes a filling and delicious meal, but nothing is more filling than these toasted ravioli bites made from a traditional Italian recipe. Follow the steps and you could learn to make these homemade ravioli bites in no time.","stars":78.571428571429}

One Direction Crazy Dancing
{"description":"Hey girls, do you love One Direction? They're getting ready for their next album recording with Simon Cowell but it's boring just waiting around for action... Help the One Direction boys to mess around behind his back with some crazy dancing, but don't get caught!","stars":85.106382978723}

Gorgeous Go-Go Dancing Girls
{"description":"These two BFF's are go-go dancers; their job is to dance in funky clubs and get the crowd dancing with them! Being a professional dancer means they'll need to look cool and have a lot of energy for those late night parties.","stars":100}

Monster Baby Feeding
{"description":"Aww, cute! This cute little monster baby has woken up and wants her mommy, but her mom isn't sure what she needs... Is it a feeding? Of course! Help monster mom feed little baby Draculaura. When she's happy and rested, change the decor and decorate the monster nursery how you like.","stars":86.666666666667}

The Wedding Day
{"description":"Your wedding day is one of the most romantic, special days of your life so it's only right to make this day perfect. This cute girl has found the man of her dreams and plans to marry in style with a proper horse and carriage. But she'll need a gorgeous wedding dress to match!","stars":85.714285714286}
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