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Category: Your Favorited Games


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Thanksgiving Slacking 2014
{"description":"Happy Thanksgiving! Sarah is back with her family for this Thanksgiving but she's been dragged into helping with the chores and preparing the food. Boring! Sarah knows how to celebrate Thanksgiving in style, but can she sneak away for some fun and still stuff herself with food?","stars":91.666666666667}

Paper Turkey
{"description":"Thanksgiving is here and this elementary school is celebrating by making cute paper turkeys. Thanksgiving is this girls favorite holiday and so she can't help but dress up for the occasion with cute fall seasonal jumpers and stylish jeans.","stars":0}

Tropical Beauty Secrets
{"description":"It may be a cold winter back home but this lucky girl is going on holiday to a luxurious tropical resort! But before she can head to the beach she wants to look and feel great with a tropical beauty makeover. Find the beauty products she needs and apply them. Then pick out chic swimwear and relax in the warm sun.","stars":100}

Anna Hospital Recovery
{"description":"Poor Anna was taking a trip around Arendelle with Sven when she fell and landed in a bush! She has seriously injured herself and now needs medical attention. Use the medical tools to examine and cure Anna and repair her broken bones with a plaster cast.","stars":80}

Fairytale Doctor - Baby Mermaid
{"description":"Oh no! This cute baby mermaid was swimming in polluted water and became very ill. Luckily her fairy Godmother is on hand to help cure her! Use the magic medical tools to heal the baby mermaid and dress her up in cute accessories.","stars":100}

Barbie Tooth Fairy
{"description":"When Barbie was a little girl she wished she could meet the Tooth Fairy. Then she grew up to become one! Being a Tooth Fairy means dressing up in a shiny, glittery dress and keeping her wings healthy and clean! Don't forget her magic tooth wand.","stars":77.777777777778}

Thanksgiving Rainbow Turkey
{"description":"It's almost Thanksgiving and this funky Turkey wants to have some fun! Dress him up in colorful costumes and hats and dye his feathers a beautiful rainbow.","stars":100}

Fashionista Manhattan Rush
{"description":"Manhattan is a beautiful city and the perfect place to go shopping for gorgeous gowns and fashionable new clothes. This girl is a real fashionista and today she's driving down town to fill out her wardrobe with the latest trends. Collect the make up items you need on your race into the big city and then treat our girl to a cute new makeover.","stars":93.333333333333}

Mulan Wedding Dress Up
{"description":"Mulan is getting married to the handsome Li Shang! Mulan is a bit of a tomboy though and can't decide what wedding dress would love best. Help her to pick our a gorgeous wedding gown for her special day.","stars":0}

Elsa Foot Doctor
{"description":"Elsa loves to go ice skating on the frozen lakes but her feet have become quite damaged in the cold weather! Become Elsa's foot doctor and repair her damaged feet with the medical tools.","stars":80}

Barbie House Decor
{"description":"Barbie is looking to decorate her home with a new fresh design! Can you help her choose the perfect decor for her bedroom and living room? Then pick out a cute costume in her new walk-in wardrobe.","stars":77.41935483871}

Ariel's Sweet 16
{"description":"It's Ariel's sixteenth birthday party! But she isn't as clued up to human fashion as we are and doesn't know what to wear. Pick out three different outfits by choosing fashionable tops or dazzling dresses and then compare them to see which one works best.","stars":90}

Princess Cinderella Bathroom Cleaning
{"description":"Cinderella is always being bulled into cleaning for her step-sisters but today she wants to take a day off and relax in the bath. But she's made a bit of a mess... Can you clean up after Cinderella so she can enjoy her bath?","stars":88.888888888889}

Mommy and Me
{"description":"Baby Alice loves to bake cakes and pies so today she and her mom are going to surprise dad by making a delicious banana and strawberry pie! Help Alice to shop and gather the ingredients they will need and then cook the pie. Top the pie with cream and fruit and don't forget to pick out a cute apron and chef's hat!","stars":92.307692307692}

Pizza Margherita
{"description":"Hurry, it's the weekend! Let's celebrate by making our very own Margarita pizza. It's really easy, all you need is to make a base and then top with tomato sauce and cheese! And if you want you could add your own toppings such as pepperoni or even anchovies. Yuck!","stars":90.909090909091}

Pet Hospital Doctor
{"description":"Welcome to the pet hospital! This is where cute puppies and kittens who had injured themselves come to get cured by the pet doctors; you! It's your first day and these pets need you to be their vet and use the medical tools to heal their problems. Help them get better and then dress them up!","stars":85.714285714286}

Ice Cream Maker
{"description":"Mmm, delicious ice cream! Everyone loves a bowl of ice cream! Doesn't matter if it's hot or cold outside, it still tastes great! Which is your favorite flavor? You can learn to make your own homemade ice cream with this yummy recipe.","stars":84.615384615385}

Lauren Lotus
{"description":"Lauren is a peaceful girl who is always calm because she likes to practice yoga and meditate! Meditation is a hard skill to learn and requires a lot of concentration, so Lauren always makes sure she is wearing something comfortable and stylish first.","stars":0}

Holiday Prep: Thanksgiving Day
{"description":"It's almost time for another Thanksgiving! This cute girl is returning back to her home from college to spend Thanksgiving with her family but she wants to surprise them with a new look! Give her a gorgeous makeover and haircut for Thanksgiving and dress her up in cute fall seasonal clothes.","stars":89.473684210526}

Sweet Gummy Candy
{"description":"Hey girls, do you love sweet candy? Of course you do! Gummy sweets are my favorite and you can learn to make your own colorful gummy candy at home with this sweeeeet recipe.","stars":81.25}

Double Baby Shower
{"description":"It's double trouble with these two cute twins! It's bath time and all they want to do is have fun with the bubbles. Help give them both a bath and then dress them up ready for bed.","stars":82.352941176471}

Fairytale Slacking 2
{"description":"The evil ice queen has frozen over the beautiful magical land! It\u2019s freezing cold and there is much to do to make sure the ice melts and quickly! But Princess Sarah just wants to play in the snow with Prince Tim. Can Sarah slack off and play in the winter wonderland? Will Sarah and Tim be able to play in the snow without getting into trouble with the evil ice queen?","stars":89.976322020521}

First Aid Fire Rescue
{"description":"Uh oh! Suzie was cooking dinner when she was distracted by TV and didn't notice a fire in her kitchen! Luckily you're here with a handsome fireman to save her. Put out the fire and then follow the first aid steps to check Suzie is okay. Apply any medical treatment that she needs.","stars":88.888888888889}

Cute Cop on the Beat
{"description":"Being a policewoman is a big job and responsibility! Your duty is to serve and protect, but that doesn't mean you can't look good in your uniform! This cute cop looks professional and fashionable!","stars":71.428571428571}

Kristen Stewart Dress Up
{"description":"Kristen Stewart is no stranger to vampires and looking good! The Twilight star is on her way to another acting role but she needs a bit of time to herself picking out a cute new outfit for when she meets with her fans.","stars":100}

Sofias Party Cleanup
{"description":"Sofia the First is having a birthday party at her home in the royal castle! But she needs some help getting it ready as the room is quite messy. Grab a broom and help her to tidy and clean everything away ready.","stars":92.307692307692}

Stylish Siren Blooms
{"description":"This beautiful fairy is sometimes mistaken for a scary siren because she loves to sing! She sits on the moon wearing glittering dresses and uses her beautiful voice to call out to lost souls in the night. Dress her up in a cute outfit so she'll look glowing under the moonlight.","stars":77.777777777778}

Baby Barbie Villains Costumes
{"description":"Baby Barbie loves to play dress up and this week she wants to dress up as her favorite fairytale villains! Pick out a cute outfit for her to dress up with.","stars":94.444444444444}

Newborn House Makeover
{"description":"The stork has just arrived to this young couple with their first baby! Give the baby a name and then help prepare the baby's new room by cleaning and decorating it. Pick out cute colors and designs!","stars":94.186046511628}

Dora Hospital Recovery
{"description":"Poor Dora was out exploring the countryside when she fell from a tree and badly injured herself! She has a few broken bones and needs urgent medical treatment. Become her doctor and heal her injuries by following the checklist.","stars":86.206896551724}

DIY Monster High Rain Boots
{"description":"Winter brings with it lots of cold, wet rainy weather so it's important to grab your waterproof jacket, umbrella and wear warm rain boots. But your boring old rain boots can be decorated and turned into a fun Monster High themed boots with some custom stickers and little bit of DIY magic!","stars":95.348837209302}

Dating in Nature
{"description":"These two lovebirds want to have a romantic date outside in nature at the park and by the beach, but there are lots of nosy people out in public that don't approve of all that smooching! Help the couple to snuggle up and kiss without getting caught.","stars":76.923076923077}

Barbie Fashion Paint
{"description":"Barbie LOVES to dress up in the latest fashions but her wardrobe is looking a little dull and could do with a splash of color. Can you breathe new life into Barbie's cute clothes with some fab new colors and designs?","stars":91.304347826087}

Elsa Kissing Jack Frost
{"description":"Elsa just met Jack Frost for the first time and has fallen madly in love! The two love birds want to spend time snuggling together but Olaf the snowman is being nosy and won't go away. Can Elsa sneak in a few frozen kisses with her new frosty crush?","stars":79.487179487179}

Barbie White Swan Bride
{"description":"Barbie is getting married and the theme for her wedding is the beautiful white swan. That means she needs to pick out a gorgeous wedding dress based on the magnificent swan and pick out accessories with white feathers inspired by swans.","stars":83.783783783784}
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