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Category: Your Favorited Games


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Astronaut Slacking
{"description":"Sarah has an amazing new job! She's become an astronaut! All of her extensive deep space training has paid off. She has to go outside with her boss to fix a machine part, which is super boring, when all she wants to do is look at the beautiful view of the earth from space! Can Sarah slack off in space without her boss finding out?","stars":83.930075821398}

Barbie Vs Ken Disneyland Challenge
{"description":"Barbie and her boyfriend Ken have entered into a little friendly competition. They both think that they know the most about that magical place so they enter a game show where they will have to answer Disneyland related questions. The one who answers the most questions wins. Next, choose your favorite Disneyland souvenir and decorate it! Have a great time!","stars":0}

Princess Carnival Prep
{"description":"Our beautiful princess is getting ready for the big carnival. She wants to look really amazing for this big event so she invite you because she knows that you are a talented stylist to give her an awesome look. So prove your styling skills by using some makeup to give the princess a perfect look, then dress her up with the coolest carnival outfit! Enjoy!","stars":0}

Anna Twins Family Day
{"description":"Anna and Kristoff have two beautiful babies and they are planning to have a family day together! They need your help because the house is such a mess so start by dusting, place the laundry in the basket. Then bring the babies in to take care of them. You need to warm up the milk and feed them, change their diapers and make them happy by playing with cute toys! Enjoy! ","stars":0}

Misty's Pokemon Make Up
{"description":"Misty is one of the most talented Pokemon trainers out there. Today Misty giving herself a colourful pokemon inspired make up look to surprise her dearest friends with a funky look. Join her and help her out with her crazy plan. First of all, you need to select the pokemon look. Then apply the eyeshadow and mascara accordingly and once you\u2019re done you can even select an outfit in the color given by the chosen pokemon","stars":100}

Disney Princesses Summer Fest
{"description":"Summer is here and Elsa and Aurora decided that they want to go to a festival together. The only thing that is in their way of happiness is an appropriate outfit and you are going to help them to choose in this dress up game. You can buy for each princess clothes and match their accessories so they look flawless.","stars":100}

Fluffy Cake Doughnuts
{"description":"Fluffy cake doughnuts are easy to make. You just need to make some cake dough and form them into the shape of doughnuts. Don't forget to prepare a glaze to finish this delicious donut recipe! ","stars":0}

Clown Clean up Game
{"description":"Being a clown is a hard job. But they have a very hard preparing section. First they must clean up their face and shave their beard. Then they need to be dressed up as a funny clown. You can help this cool clown to get ready for his show at a birthday. Enjoy!","stars":0}

Barbie Nail Salon
{"description":"Each girl loves to polish their nails, now Barbie is inviting you to her nail salon. You can help barbie and use your imagination to polish nails and add accessories like rings, stickers or bracelets. Have fun!","stars":0}

Chibi Magical Creature
{"description":"In this game you are going to dress up cute disney princess! You need to choose your favorite Chibi Princess. Then you can choose for her a new hairstyle and create a fabulous outfit mixing and matching tops and bottoms. Your magical creature can become a mermaid. Now all the Chibi Magical Creature needs is an adorable pet to keep her company. Have an incredible time!","stars":72.727272727273}

Holly O'Hair Pinterest Diva
{"description":"This gorgesous beauty from Ever After High needs a brand new and amazing look. She needs your help because she wants to share her amazing fashion and makeup ideas on Pinterest. First choose the best colours for the makeup and a cute dress for her. Apply the mascara on the upper and lower lashes, then choose a pink blush and add to the cheeks with a fluffy brush. Then you can try all the dresses in the wardrobe and choose the cutest one. Don't forget to choose a hairstyle with curls. Enjoy!","stars":83.333333333333}

Anna's Crafts
{"description":"Anna loves arts and crafts, so she take part in competition from a neighboring kingdom to win first place. You can help the princess put together the rocking horse in the shape of Sven, add the finishing touches and Anna will become the winner.","stars":100}

Barbie's Villain Makeover
{"description":"Barbie loves all things Disney and lately she began to be interested in interesting Disney villains. So this time she has decided to try a villain makeover to test her abilities. In this game she wants to reinterpret the classical looks of Mal, Maleficent, Cruella DeVille, The Evil Queen, Queen of Hearts, Ursula and turn them into modern and edgy look. Have some fun!","stars":66.666666666667}

My Treehouse Decorator
{"description":"Imagine that you have an empty treehouse to decorate. You need to move the floating animal, tree house, flower and mushroom accessories to style your very own tree house. Much fun!","stars":77.777777777778}

Longcat Journey
{"description":"Help Long Cat reach the ladder and chase the fishy rewards through a cartoon world of platform obstacles, growing with every bite. ","stars":100}

Baby Bathing: Time to Sleep
{"description":"It's time for the cute baby to sleep but she first needs a bathing so do you best and make this little one happy. Click on decorations around the room to change the look.","stars":80.769230769231}

Rainbow Sprites
{"description":"In this game you can dress up these colourful and fun loving rainbow sprites. She love a day of fun in the sunshine! Enjoy!","stars":100}

Princess Fairytale Ball
{"description":"Rapunzel, Ariel and Belle are fairy princesses now, using falling star wish! In this dress up game you can choose the perfect dress for each princess and make sure that everyone is crazy about their new look. Have fun!","stars":100}

Spongebob Master Chef
{"description":"Girls...! Today you are going to help Spongebob prepare three healthy dished with the right ingredients. You have to choose right then you will move on to the next level. Have fun!","stars":100}

Tree House Party
{"description":"Hiay ladies...! In this game you got the chance to try on new outfits way up high in this dolls very own tree house! Have a great time!","stars":100}

Sleeping in Class
{"description":"This tired and exhausted girl is sometimes sleeping in class. She did not have time to properly put together an outfit this morning so her clothes are all jumbled. Dress her up before the teacher comes and puts her into detention! Have fun!","stars":75}

Ariel and Eric Summer Fun
{"description":"Girls...! Enjoy some really funny pranks by the Little Mermaid and her beloved prince! Ariel and Eric decided to play some funny pranks on each other. First you need to select the character you want to play with and then prank the other one. Then you can dress them both up in colourful and cute summer outfits. Have an amazing time.","stars":0}

Ariel Baby Feeding
{"description":"Ariel wakes up to the sounds of her crying merbaby, Melody, the little girl needs to be bottle fed so she can go back to sleep. Help her feed Melody with some delicious warm milk, then play with the merbaby and she will calm down. You also need to redecorate her room in a cute style and the little merbaby will fall asleep. Have fun!","stars":50}

Famous Differences
{"description":"Use your observation skills to spot out the differences between the two pictures. Each picture has 7 differences you need to find before the time runs out. Have fun!","stars":44.444444444444}

Bella the Art Teacher
{"description":"Hi girls...! This art teacher needs an inspirational with a twist of Bohemian look. In this game you are going to help her finding what she is looking for? Have fun!","stars":0}

Elsa Butterfly Queen
{"description":"Elsa needs your help because she wants to be a gorgeous queen with a butterfly style. She can try: haute couture and day to day stayle. A good idea is gorgeous haute couture outfit with a gorgeous blue dress with blue shades on the skirt. Match it with a rainbow hairstyle and a nice flower crown. you can also make the look even better with a nice makeup. Have a gorgeous day.","stars":83.333333333333}

Clean Up Nail Salons
{"description":"After a long day of giving makeovers and pampering your spa guests, the spa is finally closed. But there is still much to be done before you can go home and rest. You'll need to clean up so that the spa is ready for more tomorrow's appointment. Towels and beauty products are strewn all over the place, and the spa is looking like a complete wreck. But it's getting late and you must race against the clock to clean up the spa.","stars":100}

Jasmine In Fashion Magazine
{"description":"Princess Jasmine was obsessed with fashion. That\u2019 why she decided to get her new job in the coolest fashion magazine ever! But her new boss, Cruella, is totally ignoring her new secretary. Luckily, With your little help Jasmine will become new fashion editor in no time! Best of luck!","stars":66.666666666667}

Sunny Dubai
{"description":"Hello girls...! This beautiful girl needs a cool outfit to wear under the hot Arabian sun. You have to help her find the chic bikini to help her beat the heat. Have a great time!","stars":100}

Ellie Dish Washing Realife
{"description":"Hi girls..! Today you are going into Ellie's kitchen and have fun with all the dirty dishes! You have to wash them all carefully until they shine. Then you can create your own designs for 12 plates using stamps, glitter and beautiful patterns. Put your own twist on Ellie's plates and she will have the most unique wall of art. Enjoy!","stars":77.777777777778}

Fashion Model Beauty Salon
{"description":"Everyone\u00b4s eyes is looking at you and your every move. Today you are going to work at the Fashion Model Beauty Salon. You need a makeover for this famous fashion model and have fun.","stars":100}

DIY Summer Short Jeans
{"description":"Summer is a perfect time for doing DIY projects since we have more time on our hands. This beautiful girl is looking to re purpose a pair of old jeans by turning them into a cute pair of shorts. She will need some help designing them. Help her and start by cutting the jeans to the right length and then choose their design. You can add lace for an elegant touch or go for a sporty look. Enjoy!","stars":100}

Princess Synchronized Swimming
{"description":"Synchronised swimming is a relatively new discipline that has its origins in water acrobatics. Well ladies, you are going to play the role of a super talented synchronised swimming coach and your main task will be to help your favourite Disney Princesses create their spectacular water routine in time for the next competition. Begin by choosing a style for your team and then feel free to browse through our wide selection of bathing suits and choose your favourite one to dress the girls up with. Have a great time!","stars":100}

Adeline and Juliana Dress Up
{"description":"Girls....! Adaline and Juliana are beautiful girls and they are best friends. Today they are going to attend a party and they needs to be get prepared. First You need to 0choose one of girls and make up and dress up her. Then select the other one and make ready her for party. Have fun!","stars":0}

Thinking Girl Dress Up
{"description":"In this cool bride dress up game you can dress up this beautiful fashion forward bride. Sculptural gowns and directional silhouettes are perfect for the fashion forward bride. Metallic accessories and standout shoes make the strongest statement. Have fun! ","stars":87.5}
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