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Category: Your Favorited Games


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Astronaut Slacking
{"description":"Sarah has an amazing new job! She's become an astronaut! All of her extensive deep space training has paid off. She has to go outside with her boss to fix a machine part, which is super boring, when all she wants to do is look at the beautiful view of the earth from space! Can Sarah slack off in space without her boss finding out?","stars":84.041301790616}

Villains BFF
{"description":"Today these two villain BFF girls need your help! They are not looking good right now, start a complete makeover session and take care of them! You need to apply beauty treatments, then a cool make-up, and in the last, choose the nicest outfit and accessories for each one! Have fun!","stars":66.666666666667}

Barbie Weekend Outfit
{"description":"The weekends allow us to get out of our boring work or school clothes and get into fun and colorful outfits! Today you need to style her hair and dress her up with some lovely dressed, tops, skirts, jeans and jackets and accessorize with bags, glasses and jewelry. Afterb that you can complete her look with a gorgeous make-up. Enjoy!","stars":83.333333333333}

Rapunzel Blush Bride
{"description":"Your favorite princess from Disney wants to marry her prince. You need to help her because she has planned a gorgeous wedding in a castle with flowers all around and great decorations. Her wedding will be romantic and amazing, so she needs look cute like a princess. Enjoy!","stars":100}

Aurora's Crafts
{"description":"When she takes a break from her princess duties Aurora likes to browse the internet for creative websites. Aurora is doing some craft work and needs your help. Can you help her and make awesome craft works ? Build a plushie with Sleeping Beauty and try to win first prize!\r\n","stars":0}

Japanese Wedding
{"description":"This traditional Japanese wedding is fantastic! Style this Japanese bride in a traditional or cutting edge wedding ensemble to marry the man of her dreams! The bride look gorgeous in her shiromuku and the elaborate ceremony is beyond remarkable.","stars":100}

Beach Party Planner
{"description":"Girls..! In this weekend kids are feeling boring and you need to arrange a fun party with lots of kids at the beach. Enjoy!","stars":88.888888888889}

Cute Goth Princess Dress Up
{"description":"This goth princess is out of control, You need to relax her with love and care because she won't take fashion advice from anyone but you. Good luck!","stars":0}

Pirate Girl Make Up
{"description":"Hi ladies..! This pirate knows the importance of high fashion on the high seas! she can terrify merchant ships or inspire her crew with a trendy outfit. Enjoy!","stars":100}

Ever After High Tea Party
{"description":"Ladies...! Whether you're a royal or rebel, finding your ever after can always be discussed over a nice cup of tea. So this time join Apple White, Raven Queen and Madeline Hatter in the Wonderland Grove for a tea-rrific party where wonders are waiting to be discovered. Have a nice time.","stars":88.888888888889}

Elsa Beetle Cleaning
{"description":"Today Elsa is going to a fantastic summer trip with her pretty beetle, but she is very disappointed: the car is dirty and she needs your help to be washed. Help Elsa to have a clean car as fast as you can! ","stars":66.666666666667}

Monster High Vs Disney Princesses Instagram Challenge
{"description":"Today Monster High ghouls and the Disney Princesses are getting ready for en epic Instagram selfie challenge. They are all counting on your help, so feel free to join the girls and advice them on a few important things such as their funky selfie faces, outfits and cool accessories they could use to complete their looks with. Enjoy!","stars":77.777777777778}

Brownie Picnic
{"description":"Hi girls...! Today you are going to prepare and decorate your colorful Brownie Picnic Basket! Fill it with brownies, fruit and cakes, and decorate it with ribbons and other decorations! Have fun!","stars":100}

Princesses Festival Fashion
{"description":"In this game you are going to help three of our favorite Disney princesses to choose boho outfits for this summer's music festivals! The girls love both Coachella and Tomorrowland, but this wear they are taking place in the same weekend. You need to decide which one do you want them to go to and dress them up for each one separately. Have a great time!","stars":78.571428571429}

Flynn Cheating on Rapunzel
{"description":"Oh no! Looks like Flynn have an affair, Rapunzela's friend, princess Ariel, wants to check everything up, before tell her something. You need to help her to find the evidences! But If Flynn will apologize then you will advice Ariel not to tell Rapunzel, or tell her, for tangled princess to have a chance to find her true love?","stars":90}

Horse Makeover Hair Salon 2
{"description":"Horses needs beautiful makeover with gorgeous hairstyles. She went to your Pony Makeover Hair Salon. You are going to take good care of her and do some magic on her makeover to make her look more stunning. Enjoy!","stars":83.333333333333}

Jenna is Geek Chic
{"description":"Being a geek doesn't mean you can't be chic! Thick rimmed glasses, tussled hair and cartoon print T's or vintage styled one pieces are pure fashion fun no matter who you are! You need to dress Jenna up in a geek chic outfit extraordinaire! Check out Jenna's nerd style at the library or on the dance floor! Have fun!","stars":50}

Barbie On The Vogue Cover
{"description":"Barbie loves fashion and photoshoots. Now, she will combine her two loves because she was offered the chance to appear on the cover of a famous magazine called Vogue. For her an important aspect of the photoshoot is to appear alone to show strenght and independency. You can help her choose the location of the photoshoot. Once you have chosen that, you can start picking her cover photo clothes. You can also try a glam braided hairstyle and choose a nice blue dress with glitter accents. Accessorize with silver jewels and enjoy.","stars":79.166666666667}

Barbie and Elsa: Who Wore It Better?
{"description":"In this game the two beauties ended up wearing the same dress to an event. You need to accessorize their looks and help determine which of the girls wore their outfit better. When the looks are done, wait for the judges to decide which outfit looks better. Have fun!","stars":80}

{"description":"In this puzzle game you need to select youe fevrouit character and then find the exist way. You can also collect the different energy items to find the way. ","stars":70}

Unicorn Princess
{"description":"Girls...! Today you are going to ride off into the sky with your very own pink purple unicorn friend! There are lots of Custom mane and horn options for the Unicorn to get ready. Wands, gowns and crowns for the Princess herself make for an exciting adventure through fantasy, fashion and fun!","stars":0}

Super Barbie Sauna Flirting
{"description":"Super Barbie invited charm Ken, to spend a day at the sauna. Let us help Barbie get ready for this encounter and make sure the sauna is ready too. After that follow the instructions and make sure that Barbie and Ken have a great time together. Have fun!","stars":78.125}

Caring for Unicorns 2
{"description":"Girls...! In this game your goal is to help Karen to take care of the unicorns and make them happy. Each level has a target score that you must reach within the available time limit to go to the next level. Best of luck!\r\n","stars":100}

Fruitilicious Summer Nails
{"description":"Hey ladies! This beautiful, girl wants you to create for her a special fruitilicious summer manicure! You need to use your skills and imagination and make her hands look awesome! And don\u2019t forget about the accessories! Have fun!","stars":66.666666666667}

Draculaura's Blind Date
{"description":"Today draculaura is going on a blind date and she is a bit nervous. She needs your help to decide which Monster High boy is better for her. First, you need to help her decide who should she date: Clawd Wolf and Garrott du Roque are the two handsome bachelors willing to date her. Then dress up Draculaura in an elegant outfit or a casual one. You can also pick a cute new hairstyle for her. Finally, she will surely steal the boy's heart!","stars":80}

Pregnant Barbie Spa Day
{"description":"Barbie is pregnant and she can't do her routine as easy as before. Today she wanted a spa treatment and you should help her. Let us give her a complete spa treatment for her face and body, a body wax and a new hair style. You can also dress her up in a new outfit. Enjoy! ","stars":84.615384615385}

Cooking White Chocolate Cheesecake
{"description":"Hi girls...! Today you are going to make a beautifully, creamy and sweet white chocolate cheesecake that everyone will want another piece of! White chocolate and cream cheese make this cheesecake incredibly smooth, creamy and rich! When you starting to cook, you need to clean up the kitchen! It's a mess!","stars":100}

Baby Princess Jasmine Gardener
{"description":"Baby princess Jasmine is a good gardener and she has a huge garden with strawberries at her backyard. Today you need to help her to gather strawberries and feed her when she is hungry. You can also play with her cat as well. Have fun!\r\n","stars":50}

Frozen Sisters Paris Shopping
{"description":"Hi girls...! In this game you are going to take these two sisters Anna and Elsa to Europe and take them inside the stores and browse for some chic clothes. They will love this shopping spree, but be careful not to shoot over your budget as it might get to the point where you will have spent all your money for the trip on your first day here. Have fun!","stars":55.555555555556}

Super Barbie Summer Plan
{"description":"Super Barbie is very happy because it is finally summer and she loves this season. You are going to help the superhero get ready to welcome it. Give her a beauty treatment and make her face look clean and smooth. You can also give her a new hair style and make sure she eats only healthy food. Complete her summer plan with a spectacular outfit and accessories. Have fun! ","stars":87.5}

Disney Bday Party
{"description":"Today the princesses Elsa is going to organize a surprise Disney Bday Party for Rapunzel on her eighteen birthday! Elsa is taking charge of the preparations and she assigns a role to everyone. Cinderella has to get a birthday gift, Anna's turn to decorate the room Elsa is the master baker and she will make a birthday cake. Finally, Snow White can gather some props and dress the girls up with fun accessories. Everything is ready, now all is left to do is surprise Rapunzel! Have an amazing time!","stars":97.5}

Masha and the Bear Summer Vacation
{"description":"Ladies, In this simmer vacation Masha has many great activities in mind to make the hot days fun and enjoyable for her and her dear friend, the Bear. Come and join her and wash the bike, which they will soon ride around the fields. After that you can take a great photo of the funny pair of friends and make popsicles, which are great on hot summer days of fun. You can also choose a great new outfit and a good choice is a pink dress for her. Also try face painting as well because it's incredibly cool for summer time. Have fun!","stars":91.666666666667}

Masha and Bear Kitchen Mischief
{"description":"This time bear is trying to make a delicious jam out of the harvest he collected, but Masha has other plans and she needs your help to experiment with other ingredients. Help the little girl ruin the jam without being caught by Bear and Panda!","stars":83.333333333333}

Food Stack
{"description":"Hungry? Move your platter and catch the delicious falling food! Try to stack as much of it on your plate as possible, without dropping it. Best of luck!","stars":77.777777777778}

Pony Parade Dress Up
{"description":"In this game you are going to give your pony pal the perfect look to lead the parade. You can choose all comfortables thing for them. Have fun!\r\n","stars":90.909090909091}
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