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Category: Your Favorited Games


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New Year Slacking 2014
{"description":"Happy New Year! It\u2019s time to celebrate the New Year with Sarah again! It\u2019s almost 12 o\u2019clock and Sarah is at a fancy ballroom party! Poor Sarah has had to help prepare the party by putting up decorations, but the boss wants the party to be formal. Poor Sarah is so bored! Can she get away with slacking off at the New Year\u2019s party until midnight?","stars":92.213114754098}

Talking Tom and Angela Kissing
{"description":"Talking Tom and Angela are two cute kitties who are in love! They want to snuggle up and kiss but Ginger won't leave them alone. Can you help these two love-cats smooch without getting caught?","stars":78.571428571429}

Elsa Christmas Home
{"description":"Christmas is almost here and Elsa wants to decorate her home for the holidays with a little festive cheer. Help Elsa to pick out the perfect Christmas decor and decorate her room with a cool new look.","stars":88.888888888889}

Elsa's Coronation Day
{"description":"It's Elsa's coronation day! Elsa has been made queen of Arendelle and today she is to be crowned queen of the land. But first she needs a little help picking out the perfect outfit with a beautiful makeover.","stars":100}

Christmas Princess Spa
{"description":"Christmas is almost here and that means the Christmas Princess needs to get ready to help Santa, her special dad! But before she can help prepare the presents she needs to pamper herself with a Christmas spa and festive makeover.","stars":100}

Santa Doctor
{"description":"Santa was doing a practice run before his big night of deliveries this Christmas Eve when he had an accident on his sleigh and seriously injured himself! He needs you to be his doctor and fix up all his wounds and injuries so he'll be healthy in time for Christmas. Can you fix up poor old Santa and then treat him to a festive makeover?","stars":90.322580645161}

Christmas Friends
{"description":"These two girls are the best of friends and they want to help each other pick out a cute Christmas outfit for their Christmas party! Can you choose a cute festive outfit for them? Match them up so they'll be winter BFF's!","stars":100}

Christmas Dress Up and Make Up
{"description":"It's time to get into the festive spirit with a Christmas makeover! Have a jolly good time dressing up for Christmas day with cute Christmas-inspired outfits, clothes and accessories and magical makeup to create that cute Christmas look for this holiday season.","stars":87.5}

Christmas Cake Decoration
{"description":"Decorate your own amazing three tiered cake for Christmas! Choose the cake type and decorate with lots of different Christmas, winter and festive designs. Don't forget to top the cake with a cute Christmas topper!","stars":83.333333333333}

Candy Cane Biscuits
{"description":"Bake your own delicious candy cane biscuits for Christmas! Follow the recipe and mix up the ingredients to bake crunchy festive cookies in the shape of candy cane sweets for he holiday season.","stars":85.714285714286}

Barbie's Christmas Patchwork Dress
{"description":"Christmas is upon us and whilst it's fun to dress up in ugly Christmas sweater, why not get creative with Barbie and make a fun patchwork dress? Use different Christmas-inspired patterns and materials to make a wonderful Christmas dress. Choose your design and colors and have fun!","stars":100}

Clean Up for Santa Claus 2
{"description":"Get ready for Christmas Day by cleaning up these two rooms and making sure they are tidy for when Santa arrives! You'll need to be quick to clear away all of the objects.","stars":93.75}

Elsa Christmas Real Haircuts
{"description":"Elsa is getting ready for the Christmas holidays! The castle in Arendelle is decorated in Christmas decorations and now Elsa needs to get ready with a new festive hairstyle and outfit. Cut, style and dye Elsa's hair however you want for Christmas!","stars":85.714285714286}

Christmas Slacking 2014
{"description":"Twas the night before Christmas and Sarah was tucked up in bed, ready to get her presents from Santa. But Sarah can't sleep and wants to catch Santa in the act! Help Sarah get into the festive mood and prepare for Christmas without getting caught by Santa, or he'll add her to his naughty list! Ho ho ho!","stars":90.963139120095}

Snow Friends
{"description":"It's snowing! Christmas is almost here and outside has frozen into an amazing winter wonderland. It's time to wrap up warm and go outside with your best friend to make cute new snowmen and snow friends together!","stars":70}

Ellie Gingerbread House Decoration
{"description":"Design, bake and decorate your own delicious gingerbread house in time for Christmas! Follow the recipe to make your gingerbread house and then use the cream and candy pieces to decorate it with the perfect design. It will look too good to eat!","stars":88.135593220339}

Christmas Mischief: Kisses at the North Pole
{"description":"The elves are busy in Santa's workshop creating toys for Christmas, but these two love birds want to sneak away and share their love with romantic winter kisses! Can you help them avoid Santa so they can smooch under the mistletoe? Don't get caught!","stars":75}

Baby Around the World: North Pole
{"description":"This Christmas, our adventurous baby is on an journey to the North Pole! Join her on a frozen trip to the far north in search of Santa. Create your own Christmas decorations and dress up in warm fluffy clothes for winter fun!","stars":100}

Gingerbread in the House
{"description":"Christmas is coming so now is the time to celebrate the winter season by decorating your very own scrumptious gingerbread house! What candies will you use to design your gingerbread house with?","stars":84.210526315789}

Frozen Elsa Face and Body Art
{"description":"The winter party is going to be held in Arendelle soon and this is a magical costume party hosted by Elsa and Anna! Elsa wants to create a special costume using face and body paint, but what costume would look best? A beautiful peacock, butterfly, or something else?","stars":90.909090909091}

Baby Barbie Christmas Prep
{"description":"Christmas is almost here and Baby Barbie is really excited! To get into the festive spirit, she needs your help preparing for the big day. Go on a shopping spree with her to stock up on Christmas decorations, pick out a tree, and dress up with a Christmassy new hairstyle and costume for the big day.","stars":92}

Lucy at the Flu Doctor
{"description":"It's that time of year when lots of cold and flu viruses are around in the air. Poor Lucy has caught the flu and now needs treatment from her doctor; you! Follow the steps and care for Lucy and use the medicine to cure her cold and make her all better.","stars":93.75}

Elsa's Ugly Christmas Sweater
{"description":"Christmas is almost here and Elsa wants to celebrate with a funky ugly Christmas sweater! Pick out the perfect Christmas design and choose the colors on whatever style of sweater you prefer. Design your perfect, or ugliest, Christmas sweater for Elsa!","stars":82.352941176471}

Crazy Santa Cookies
{"description":"Santa is coming to drop off your Christmas present, so it's time to make him some lovely cookies! Maybe then he'll give you what you want... But what ingredients will make the perfect cookies for Santa? Choose from four ingredients and mix them together to see if Santa will love them... Or not!","stars":89.795918367347}

Santa Hospital Recovery
{"description":"Santa was having some fun riding on a sled before his big night of delivering presents when he crashed into a pile of snow and injured himself! Uh oh! Now Santa need's you to become his doctor and help cure his injuries in time for Christmas Eve.","stars":94.871794871795}

Anna and Kristoff Xmas Cleaning
{"description":"Anna and Kristoff are getting ready for their very first Christmas together in Arendelle. However, the castle is looking quite messy and they both need a hand tidying up for the big Christmas day! Can you help them tidy?","stars":80}

Mia Cooking Chili Cheese Hot Dogs
{"description":"Join Mia in her kitchen for a tasty American treat to warm yourself up this winter. Hot dogs are a USA favorite and are typically topped with ketchup and mustard, but using chili con carne will give this snack an extra kick. Learn the recipe by preparing the hot dots and hot dog bread rolls before heating up the chili. Serve with melted grated cheese for a warm and delicious meal. Beautiful.","stars":89.333333333333}

Barbie's Unicorn
{"description":"It's pantomime season this Christmas time and Barbie is taking part in a fantasy theater production involving magical unicorns! As the princess of all unicorns, she will need a suitable outfit to dance in with her unicorn friends on stage.","stars":87.5}

Christmas Prom Makeover
{"description":"It's party time this Christmas season as this teen is having a prom night just before Christmas! But can you help her pick out an outfit which fits the party spirit as well as the festive spirit? Dress her up in something lovely.","stars":71.428571428571}

CuteZee Cooking Academy: Gingerbread
{"description":"Learn to bake your own delicious gingerbread cookies in time for the Christmas holidays! Find the ingredients and bake your own gingerbread cookies. Cut them into Christmas shapes and decorate them however you like.","stars":76.923076923077}

Pirate Fairy Tinkerbell
{"description":"Tinkerbell is a pirate fairy who goes on many magical adventures, but even fairy pirates need to take a break and treat themselves to a refreshing spa makeover! Use the beauty treatments to give Tinkerbell a fab new makeover and dress her up in cute, exciting clothes for her next adventure.","stars":83.333333333333}

Elsa Cooking Tiramisu
{"description":"Join Elsa in her kitchen within the kingdom of Arendelle for a traditional tiramisu dessert. Learn this great recipe with Elsa by following the instructions and mixing the ingredients perfectly. You and Elsa will love it!","stars":90.47619047619}

Princess Royal Date
{"description":"The princess was on her way to meet Prince Charming for a magical date when a wicked witch jumped out of the bush and cursed the princess! Now her dress and make up are a mess and she's in a hurry to meet her prince! Can you help clean her up in time for her date?","stars":84.375}

Naughty Baby Doctor
{"description":"This baby girl is a very naughty baby and likes to cause all kinds of mischief. can you babysit and take care of her? If she gets ill, be sure to call the doctor and make sure she has plenty of healthy snacks.","stars":76.315789473684}

Puppy Rescue Vet
{"description":"This poor cute puppy was left abandoned in the rain. Take him inside and adopt him as your own pet! He'll need a trip to the vets to check him over and make sure he is healthy. Help the vet by washing and caring for your new pet puppy.","stars":93.548387096774}
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