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Category: Your Favorited Games


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Fashion Designer Slacking
{"description":"Sarah has landed her dream job of working at a trendy fashion studio. She can't wait to create her own designer dresses and handbags, but her boss won't let her get creative with Sarah's own funky designs. Can Sarah break from the fashion mold and become a real trend setter?","stars":90}

Penguin World
{"description":"Penguins are cool! Get it? Visit the penguin's world and play fun mini-games with them! Help feed the hungry penguins, dress them up in warm clothes and play puzzle games!","stars":50}

Cutezee Cooking Academy: Elsa Cupcakes
{"description":"Hey girls, do you love Frozen? I bet you do! Well you can make these cute and delicious cupcakes featuring your favorite Frozen characters! Gather the ingredients you will need and prepare the cupcakes. Then decorate however you like. Yum!","stars":100}

Tiana Wedding Dress Up
{"description":"Tiana the Frog Princess is getting married! Her special wedding day is soon and she needs help deciding what wedding dress to wear. Can you help her try on different dresses and accessories to pick out the perfect look for the perfect bride?","stars":100}

Antonia Makeover
{"description":"Antonia has a date with her boyfriend tonight and needs an emergency makeover! Help her to get ready with a full makeover! She will need a facial to really bring out her beauty, and then a new hairstyle and outfit to impress her date.","stars":80}

Peppa Pig Mahjong
{"description":"Hey girls, do you love playing puzzle and board games? Then have a go of Mahjong with Peppa Pig! Start with the easy board and learn how to clear the Mahjong tiles featuring your favorite Peppa Pig characters. Then try the hard level! Good luck!","stars":77.777777777778}

Doc McStuffins Lamb Injury
{"description":"Doc McStuffins was playing outside with Lambie when Lambie fell into a bush and became hurt! Ouch! Help Doc McStuffins look after poor Lambie and cure this cute stuffed lamb by using the medical tools. You can then dress Lambie up!","stars":80}

Pregnant Elsa Maternity Deco
{"description":"Elsa is going to have a baby! She's ready to welcome her new baby, but she still needs to finish decorating the nursery. Can you give Elsa a hand? Choose the decor and furniture for Elsa's newborn baby.","stars":76.470588235294}

Elsa Fairy Tale
{"description":"Elsa is a true fairy tale queen, but she's looking for a new style. Elsa would look fantastic with a gorgeous set of fairy wings to match her amazing ice magical powers. Choose a cute fairy outfit for our Frozen queen!","stars":81.25}

Dream Tattoo Girl
{"description":"Tattoos can be really creative and girl! This girl wants to experiment with different tattoo designs and colors, can you help her to come up with some funky designs? Maybe they'll give you ideas for tattoos of you own! Just make sure you ask mom before getting a tattoo! Have fun!","stars":66.666666666667}

Pregnant Mom Spa Makeover
{"description":"This mommy-to-be is ready to welcome her new baby into the world! Being pregnant can be quite tough and demanding so lets treat our new mom to a fantastic spa to help her relax before the new baby comes along. Pamper her with lovely spa treatments and then dress her with cute maternity clothes.","stars":83.333333333333}

Pony Care 3
{"description":"Adopt and care for your own amazing pony! Choose from different pony colors and breeds and earn coins by caring for your new pony. You will need to wash him, feed him and play with him too. Dress him up in cute accessories and show him off!","stars":83.333333333333}

Clean Up My Purse 2
{"description":"Hey girls, do you have a cute purse for keeping all of your valuables in? Maybe it's a designer one? Regardless of what purse you own, it can be hard to keep them clean and tidy! This girl needs help cleaning and organizing hers! Help sort her out.","stars":90.909090909091}

Anna's Baby Wash
{"description":"Anna's cute little baby girl is growing up fast! They're planning on going on a trip to the park together to feed the ducks. Help Anna get her baby ready by giving her a fun bath! Keep her happy with toys and make sure she is clean.","stars":90}

Brittany Basketball Slam
{"description":"Brittany loves to play basketball! She's joined an all-female team and they practice every Friday afternoon. And whilst she loves to keep fit and play, she wants to look good whilst scoring as well! Get her ready for another fun afternoon of basketball.","stars":88.888888888889}

Photo Hunter Game
{"description":"Have girls, have you ever wanted to be a professional photographer? Well put your skills to the test and take a trip to the snowy mountains to try and catch a photo of the cute abominable snowman! Click to snap a photo and earn points, but don't take a picture of anyone else or you'll lose points!","stars":83.333333333333}

Tinkerbell First Kiss
{"description":"Tinkerbell and Terence are in love! They want to share their love with Tinkerbell's first kiss but the other fairies love to gossip and are nosy! But Blaze will help Tinkerbell know when the coast is clear to start smooching. Kiss without getting caught!","stars":86.95652173913}

Frozen Hidden Adventure
{"description":"Uh oh! Arendelle is frozen over again and Anna is in danger! It's up to Elsa to save her sister this time. To save Anna, Elsa will need to find the magic items hidden within. Can you help find these items in time before its too late?","stars":94.736842105263}

Cooking Lesson - Chicken Wings
{"description":"Hey girls, welcome to cooking class! Today we'll be learning how to make delicious chicken wings. Chicken is a healthy white meat that goes well with different spices and sauces for a healthy and tasty meal. Learn how to make yummy chicken wings with this cooking lesson!","stars":60}

Mia Cooking Pork and Prawn Dumplings
{"description":"Join Mia this Chinese New Year to create a delicious Chinese snack, pork and prawn dumplings. Prepare the pork and prawn filling by slicing the ingredients and then wrapping them with wanton wrappers. Place the dumplings in a traditional steamer bowl and boil. Serve with soy sauce. Beautiful. Happy Chinese New Year!","stars":86.95652173913}

Rainbow Cake
{"description":"Learn how to make your own colorful and delicious rainbow cake! Follow the recipe for a cool and tasty cake you'll want to share with everyone!","stars":92.857142857143}

Barbie Angel Bride
{"description":"Barbie is getting married soon and wants her wedding day to be simply heavenly! And her idea is to dress up as a divine angel bride complete with gorgeous wings! Dress Barbie up as a beautiful angel for her wedding day.","stars":83.333333333333}

Baby Game
{"description":"Babysit your own special little baby! This cute baby loves to play dress up and needs you to pick out a cute outfit for him or her. Decide what your baby will wear!","stars":100}

Sofia Hospital Recovery
{"description":"Poor Sofia the First was playing with her bunny outside when she fell into the bushes and hurt herself! Now she needs you to become her doctor and treat her. Following the medical board and use the tools to fix her broken bones and injuries so she'll be back to full health.","stars":75}

Fast Food Burger
{"description":"Mmm, I love fast food, especially burgers! But home made food is always tastier and healthier... And you can learn to make your own fast food style burger and fries from your own kitchen! Follow the recipe and whip up your own delicious burger patty meal.","stars":64.705882352941}

Now and Then Barbie Sweet Sixteen
{"description":"It's Barbie's sixteenth birthday! She's holding a lavish party at her home and inviting all her friends, but she doesn't know what to wear and can't choose between a retro vintage look or a more modern style. Create an outfit in both styles and compare them!","stars":96.296296296296}

Elsa Snowboarder
{"description":"Winter is almost at an end... But Elsa has amazing powers and can turn Arendelle into a frozen wonderland whenever she wants! She's taken up snowboarding as a hobby and loves to ride around the snow. Dress her up in a funky and sporty outfit when she goes snowboarding.","stars":85.714285714286}

Baby Around the World: Disneyland
{"description":"Our cute travelling baby has now made her way to France where she is going to visit Disney Land! She can't wait to have a great time. Dress her up in a cute Disney costume based off her favorite Frozen characters and then design your own postcard to send home.","stars":93.103448275862}

Ice Cream Mania
{"description":"Do you love ice cream? Of course you do! This cute robot has opened his own ice cream business but he has lots of customers! Can you help him to serve delicious ice cream to his fussy customers in this fun management game?","stars":79.411764705882}

Baby Barbie Princess Dress Design
{"description":"Baby Barbie loves to dress up as her favorite Disney princesses, but now she wants to become her very own princess and make her own dress to go with it! Help Barbie design her own princess dress by choosing a design and color. Then add cute accessories on top!","stars":85}

Toto in the Frozen Land
{"description":"Oh no! Sisi has been trapped inside the frozen land! It's awfully cold and Sisi is scared! It's time for Toto the puppy to save the day! Help guide Toto through the Frozen land in this fun platforming game. Collect the coins to upgrade Toto's life and jump on enemies to defeat them.","stars":85.714285714286}

Doctor Baymax Game
{"description":"Hiro Hamada was out battling super villains with his super hero team, the Big Hero 6 when he became injured. Now Baymax has to make sure Hiro is back to full health! Help Baymax cure Hiro and make sure his teeth are clean too. Are you satisfied with your care?","stars":63.333333333333}

Bridesmaid Barbie Makeover
{"description":"Barbie has been asked to be the bridesmaid to her BFF's wedding! To prepare for her best friend's special day, Barbie needs to make sure she looks her best in an amazing bridesmaid dress. Give her a spa-inspired makeover and choose the perfect dress for the wedding.","stars":90.47619047619}

Peppa Pig Bounce
{"description":"Bounce with Peppa Pig and her friends! Help Peppa and her friends to get to the table on the other side by using the spatula to bounce them to safety! Move the spatula under them to bounce them... How many of Peppa's friends can you bounce?","stars":76.470588235294}

Minion Cooking Banana Cake
{"description":"This cheeky little minion wants to bake himself a cake, but as we all know, minions can cause all kinds of trouble if left alone! Help him prepare and bake a delicious banana cake. You'll need to follow the recipe step by step so he doesn't blow up the kitchen!","stars":87.5}
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