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Category: Your Favorited Games


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Clean Sarah's Room!
{"description":"Sarah is having a lazy day at home slacking as usual by playing games on her phone and snacking on candy and pizza but now her bedroom is a right mess. Was she supposed to do something today? Oh! She was supposed to clean her room! And her mom is due home any minute! UH OH! Can you help Sarah clean and tidy her room before her mom gets home?","stars":89.763779527559}

Cray Cray Chic Teen
{"description":"This cute girl has a wicked sense of style! She's getting ready for another day at school this spring but wants to wow her classmates with a funky new outfit and some glam sunglasses. Can you pick out the best outfit?","stars":0}

Cinderella Pumpkin Accident
{"description":"Cinderella was on a trip with her pet puppy Pumpkin in their carriage when they had an accident and crashed! Both Cinderella and Pumpkin are injured and need medical treatment. Take care of Pumpkin the puppy first and then help Cinderella by using the medical tools to make them both better.","stars":100}

Snow White Real Haircuts
{"description":"Snow White is waiting for her prince to come! But in the mean time, she wants to get ready with a fabulous new hairstyle! Give her a hairdo makeover by styling, cutting and dying her hair. Then add some glitter and pick the perfect dress for our apple-loving princess.","stars":75}

Baby Barbie Hospital Recovery
{"description":"Baby Barbie was playing with her cat and climbed up a tree. But the branch broke and she fell, hurting herself! Ouch! Take Baby Barbie to the hospital and give her medical treatment right away. Become her doctor and take care of Baby Barbie's wounds.","stars":100}

Harajuku Dress Up 2
{"description":"Hey girls, do you love Japanese culture? This girl does! She loves modern Japanese fashion, especially the bright and colorful styles of harajuku! Dress her up in cool funky harajuku clothes.","stars":100}

Maya in Bubbles
{"description":"Spring is here and Maya the Bee wants to fly through the air to smell the beautiful flowers. Can you capture Maya and her friends in fun bubbles? Hold your mouse to blow a bubble and catch as many as you can!","stars":66.666666666667}

Minnie Mouse Cupcakes
{"description":"Make cute mousey cupcakes with Minnie Mouse! Join Minnie Mouse in her kitchen and whip up a batch of delicious cupcakes. Follow the recipe and decorate with a cute bow. Yum!","stars":80}

Rapunzel Wedding Makeup
{"description":"Rapunzel is getting married! The young blushing bride needs some help with her make up though. Pick a style for Rapunzel and help color in her gorgeous make up using the make up kit ready for her special wedding day.","stars":89.285714285714}

Barbie's Salwar
{"description":"Barbie is heading to India on holiday to visit a friend. But before she leaves, she wishes to create a traditional Indian outfit made from colorful and rich silks! Help her to design her own salwar outfit by choosing a design and mixing patterns. Finish off the design with some gorgeous accessories.","stars":100}

Twin Barbie at Spa Salon
{"description":"The Barbie twins are having a joint makeover! Give them both a fantastic spa day with beautiful spa treatments and then compare their treatment at the end.","stars":100}

Puppy and Kitty Salon
{"description":"Welcome to the pet spa salon! Run your own pet salon and take care of these cute puppies and kittens! Clean their room and give them a good wash, groom their fur and feed them. Dress them up in pet outfits for a pet makeover.","stars":92.857142857143}

Facial Spa Salon
{"description":"The princess is heading to the royal spa salon for a brand new makeover! Treat her to luxurious beauty treatments in this fantastic spa and pamper her with soft facial creams. Choose her make up and outfit to complete the makeover.","stars":85.714285714286}

Cinderella's New Hairstyle
{"description":"Cinderella is getting ready for a royal ball and wants a new hairstyle. Wash and style Cinderella's hair into a new look and choose beautiful clothes and makeup for her.","stars":86.206896551724}

Elsa Surgeon
{"description":"Oh no! Poor Elsa has a nail inside of her! How did that get there?! She needs a doctor to perform surgery and make her all better! Help the doctor to take care of Elsa so she'll be better again.","stars":83.333333333333}

Bathroom Cleaning Game
{"description":"The bathroom is a right mess! Your mom is going to be pretty angry is she sees this. Help clean it up by removing trash and using the cleaning tools to mop up spills, wipe away dirt and make the bathroom squeaky clean.","stars":85.714285714286}

Messy Panda Makeover
{"description":"Being a cute panda can be hard work! This little cutie fell into a bush and is covered in leaves, bugs and painful splinters. Take care of this messy panda and give him a fun makeover. Dress him up when he's nice and clean!","stars":71.428571428571}

Hello Kitty Shoes Designer
{"description":"Hey girls, do you love Hello Kitty? How about shoes? Well why not combine the two and design your own stylish pair of designer Hello Kitty themed shoes! Choose a shoe shape and customize it however you want with Hello Kitty stickers and funky colors!","stars":87.179487179487}

Pregnant Angela Emergency
{"description":"Angela is expecting kittens! She can't wait to meet her new cute kitty children. But she's had a nasty accident and needs urgent medical care! Use the tools and become her doctor. But do take extra care of poor Angela!","stars":90.140845070423}

Elsa Wedding Party
{"description":"Elsa is getting married today! The beautiful queen of Arendelle with amazing ice powers needs help getting ready for her special day. Pick out a gorgeous wedding dress and hairstyle for the blushing bride.","stars":84.210526315789}

Frozen Elsa Flu Doctor
{"description":"Oh no! Elsa has caught the flu! Playing in the ice and snow can do that to you. But luckily you are her doctor and can cure her illness and make her all better again. Use the medical tools to cure her and take her on a shopping trip to cheer her up.","stars":78.947368421053}

Mommy Doctor
{"description":"This super mom has her hands full with her cute kids! They both need their mom to take care of them. Poor baby has bumped his head, the cute sister has been sick and the older brother has fallen out of a tree! Oh dear. Help mom to cure their problems and then dress up the whole family.","stars":90.322580645161}

Cute Princess Makeover
{"description":"The cute princess is getting ready to head to a royal ball being held at the palace! Help get her ready with a fabulous makeover and a gorgeous dress.","stars":87.5}

Interior Home Decoration
{"description":"Become an expert interior decorator! Decorate your new home by placing the furniture exactly where you want it. You have multiple rooms to design so get to it!","stars":89.0625}

Cone Cupcakes Maker
{"description":"Bake your own delicious cone cupcakes! Learn how to make funky and fun cupcakes in a waffle cone by following the recipe. This sweet treat will surprise your friends!","stars":83.870967741935}

Angela's Spa Day
{"description":"Angela is a pretty kitty who likes to be pampered and live in comfort. This high-class cat is spending the day relaxing at her local spa. Treat her to indulgent spa treatments and then dress her up in cute dresses for the purr-fect makeover.","stars":88}

Pretty Princess Wedding
{"description":"The princess is getting married! She has found her prince charming and now her special day approaches. She needs some help getting ready, so become her royal stylist and give her a professional makeover. Choose the perfect wedding dress and accessories for her dream wedding.","stars":80.952380952381}

Swimming with Mom
{"description":"Visiting the local swimming pool with mom is this cute little girls favorite activity! She loves to dress up in her swimsuit and splash around the water with her mom. Dress them both up ready for another trip to the pool.","stars":87.719298245614}

Elsa's Creamery
{"description":"Elsa has opened up her own ice cream stand! Using her amazing frozen powers she can conjure delicious ice cream! And she has an army of cute snowmen to feed. Give the right ice cream order to the snowmen and keep them happy in this fun management game!","stars":78.571428571429}

Snow White Love Story
{"description":"Snow White has found her Prince Charming! The two want to go for a romantic stroll in the woods to share a secret kiss but the Seven Dwarves just won't leave them alone. Can Snow White share a kiss with the prince without getting caught?","stars":86.666666666667}

Elsa Manga Fashion Designs
{"description":"Have you ever wondered what Elsa from Frozen would look like in a Japanese Manga or anime? Well wonder no longer by designing the perfect Manga-inspired design for Elsa! Pick an outfit and then decorate it with whatever colors you want.","stars":82.142857142857}

Office Slacking 13
{"description":"Spring is almost here and Sarah wants to go outside and smell the sweet flowers in the park. But she's stuck inside the office with her new boring desk job and needs to type up a report. Snore! Can Sarah outwit her strict boss and enjoy an afternoon of slacking instead?","stars":90.165361183638}

Spaghetti Carbonara
{"description":"Learn how to make your own homemade spaghetti carbonara! This traditional Italian dish is deliciously creamy and very easy to cook for beginner chefs. Learn how to prepare and cook your own and become a pasta master!","stars":84.210526315789}

Barbie Monster Outfits
{"description":"Barbie is heading to a sorority party at college with a dress up theme twist; she must come dressed up in a cool monster outfit! Her wardrobe has so many cool clothes to choose from, she isn't sure what outfit will help her to stand out the most. What do you recommend?","stars":84}

Pou in Maze
{"description":"Uh oh! The adorable little Pou has become lost in a maze! Can you help him find his way out before the time runs out? Collect food and find his friends for bonus points! Good luck!","stars":80.487804878049}
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