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Category: Your Favorited Games


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Birthday Party Slacking
{"description":"Sarah's cute sister baby Emma is one year old today and having a special birthday party to celebrate! Sarah can't wait to play party games and eat some cake, but she's been asked to babysit and entertain baby Emma. Can Sarah sneak away and have some fun whilst keeping the birthday girl happy?","stars":90.806451612903}

Baby Barbie Princess Costumes
{"description":"Baby Barbie wants to dress up as all of the Disney Princesses! But first she needs to find things in her room, can you help her? Then Choose her a Disney Princess dress and hairstyle! Complete her outfit with accessories!","stars":71.428571428571}

Pixie Hollow Real Haircuts
{"description":"Here's your chance to give Tinkerbell a brand new hairstyle! Cut her hair, straighten it, curl it, cut it and dye it! ","stars":100}

Design Disaster
{"description":"Help this famous actress dress for the red carpet! Combine the items to make a beautiful dress for her, but be careful because combining the wrong items might make some awful clothes!","stars":100}

Sassy Curls
{"description":"Help these girls to make their hair look beautiful and curly. Wash and dry their hair and use curling irons. Then dress them up in accessories! ","stars":90}

Barbie Harvard Princess Dress Up
{"description":"Barbie is graduating from Harvard University! She is so happy, but she needs to get ready for her graduation party, can you help her decide what to wear?","stars":100}

Kendall and Kylie
{"description":"Dress up these two fashion stylists! ","stars":88.235294117647}

Modern Rapunzel Spa Day
{"description":"Can you help Rapunzel relax with a spa day? And then you can dress her up in a new outfit and do her makeup!","stars":100}

Dora and Friends Emma
{"description":"Meet Dora the explorer's friend Emma! Emma needs a makeover can you help her?","stars":100}

Barbie The Pearl Princess Spa Day
{"description":"Barbie Princess Mermaid needs a makeover! Give her facials and makeup.","stars":87.5}

Elsa's Lovely Braids
{"description":"Help Elsa braid her lovely hair in many different styles!","stars":79.591836734694}

Injured Elsa Frozen
{"description":"Poor Elsa has injured herself, can you help to clean her wounds and make her feel better again?","stars":82.352941176471}

Baby Talking Tom Eye Doctor
{"description":"Talking Tom needs an eye check. Can you help him see the letters? Type them in and help Tom to see properly again.","stars":90.243902439024}

Fun Mouth Doctor
{"description":"Time to go to the dentist! This poor girl is very scared, can you help make her teeth better again? Always remember to look after your teeth.","stars":94.117647058824}

Cooking perfect burger
{"description":"Let's make the most perfect burger ever!!","stars":91.666666666667}

Kitty Groomer
{"description":"Take the role as a kitten groomer! Help get rid of fleas on this poor kitty and give him a wash. You can dress him up to make him look extra cute!","stars":94.117647058824}

Sushi Style
{"description":"Click through a variety of vegetables and fish to create your own sushi!","stars":77.777777777778}

Fairytale Baby - Evil Fairy
{"description":"You can wash up baby Maleficent and get her dressed in Fairy Tale Baby!","stars":91.666666666667}

Barbie Fishing Princess
{"description":"Princess Barbie wants to have a relaxing weekend, so she's going fishing! But she needs help on what to wear! And she needs a rod to go fishing with, can you help her?","stars":71.428571428571}

Catty Noir Hairstyles
{"description":"Here's your chance to dress up Catty Noir from Monster High! ","stars":87.5}

Ghoul Girl
{"description":"It's almost Halloween! Time for the ghouls and monsters to get dressed up! Can you help this ghoul girl decide what to wear?","stars":78.571428571429}

Cute Baby Daycare 2
{"description":"Care for these cute babies at your very own baby daycare! Give each baby exactly what it needs to keep it happy and healthy! If a baby cries too much, you will lose a life. Good luck!","stars":76.571428571429}

Cute Bunny Face Injury
{"description":"This poor bunny has had an injury! Can you help him heal up and feel better? ","stars":83.333333333333}

Alice in Wonderland
{"description":"Alice is in Wonderland and she is going to have a makeover! Can you help give her a facial? Choose some lovely clothes for her to wear.","stars":85.714285714286}

Ellie Wedding Prep
{"description":"Ellie is getting married today! But her skin is hurting, can you help her to take care of her skin, put her makeup on and choose a beautiful dress for her special day?","stars":81.481481481481}

Scary Jackie
{"description":"It's almost Halloween! Jackie needs an outfit, help her choose what to wear so she can scare the other kids!","stars":71.428571428571}

Piercing for Elsa Frozen
{"description":"Elsa is getting her ears pierced, can you help her do it? Choose some beautiful earrings for her too!","stars":85.714285714286}

Now And Then: Rapunzel Sweet Sixteen
{"description":"It's Rapunzel's birthday! She needs two different outfits for her parties, can you help her get dressed and look fabulous?","stars":87.878787878788}

Frozen Princess Gown Cake Decor
{"description":"You can design your very own Frozen inspired cake in Frozen Princess Gown Cake Decor!","stars":86.363636363636}

Candy Halloween House
{"description":"Halloween is almost here! It's time for delicious treats, you can make a Candy Halloween House! choose different colours and candy to decorate your house!","stars":94.444444444444}

Baby Barbie School Haircuts
{"description":"Baby Barbie is starting school soon! Can you help do her hair and get her dressed?","stars":91.176470588235}

Toothless Flu Doctor
{"description":"Poor Toothless has a cold! Can you help Hiccup take care of him? <3","stars":92}

Manhattan Shopping Spree
{"description":"Alicia is going on a shopping spree with her boyfriend in Manhattan. Help her choose what to wear so she can look fabulous!","stars":100}

Teen Alice Back To School
{"description":"Alice is going back to school and she needs a new outfit. Can you help her look fabulous for school?","stars":94.117647058824}

Belle Wedding Dress up
{"description":"Belle and Beast are getting married! Can you dress up Belle for her special day? ","stars":83.333333333333}
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