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Category: Your Favorited Games


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Mia Cooking Ice Cream Banana Split
{"description":"Join Mia this summer for a traditional summery treat by preparing your own ice cream banana split. Help Mia to gather ingredients using fresh summer fruits and a ripe banana and scoop portions of flavored ice cream topped with chocolate sauce and cream. Finish the dessert with a shiny red cherry. Beautiful.","stars":89.473684210526}

Barbie Mini Cooper Car Wash
{"description":"Barbie has a cute Mini Cooper car but it's looking a big banged up these days... Can you help her clean and repair it, making it look good as new? You'll need to start by washing the Mini and then repairing any imperfections. Finish by giving it a fab new paint job and choosing some cute decals!","stars":92.307692307692}

Kissing and Hugging
{"description":"This cute couple have just got married! They're so in love and the groom can't help but be romantic on this special day. Dress up both the bridge and the groom for a wedding day they'll never forget.","stars":88.888888888889}

Pretty Princess Makeover
{"description":"Being a princess can be hard work! All those royal engagements, and you need to look your best through them too. This pretty princess needs a royal makeover in time for touring the kingdom in her carriage. Give her an amazing makeover and choose beautiful makeup colors for our princess.","stars":100}

Doctor Pet Nose
{"description":"This poor pup was playing in the garden when he sniffed up some nasty stuff and now his nose needs a doctor to clean his nose from the inside out! Use the tools to help the poor puppy and get this pet back outside and sniffing around.","stars":54.545454545455}

Strawberry Candy Cheesecake
{"description":"Mmmm, cheesecake! Who doesn't like cheesecake? Especially deliciously fruity strawberry cheesecake! Learning to make your own is a lot easier than you may think. Just gather the ingredients and follow the recipe for the perfect strawberry flavored cheesecake.","stars":75}

Bead Smith Jen: Frozen
{"description":"Jen is back to make more colorful bead bracelets inspired by her favorite Disney film, Frozen! Shop for the items you need and then craft together your very own Frozen-themed bead bracelet.","stars":100}

Anna's Frozen Adventures Part 1
{"description":"Anna is on a frozen adventure around Arendelle to rescue her sister, Elsa! Follow Olaf to complete the mini-games on Anna's amazing adventure.","stars":80}

Flawless Beauty Frankie Stein
{"description":"The weekend is here and the students at Monster High are throwing a party! Frankie Stein is of course not one to miss out on some fun with her pals, but she'll need a ghoulish new makeover and beautiful spa treatments to get her ready.","stars":84.615384615385}

Baby Slacking
{"description":"Sarah has been asked to babysit her young baby sister, Baby Emma, but slacking runs in the family and Baby Emma loves to have fun and cause trouble, just like her big sister! Teach Baby Emma how to slack and have fun.","stars":90.701914311759}

School Attraction Dressup
{"description":"This cutie is back in school and already she's getting love letters and admiring stares from boys! Her crush has just given her a love note... How will she react in class?","stars":86.95652173913}

Choco Reindeer Pops
{"description":"Cake pops are a delicious snack, and what better way to get ready for winter this year than by practicing with these cute reindeer cake pops? Learn how to bake and decorate them from your own kitchen. Yum!","stars":100}

Baby Owl Care
{"description":"Meet the cutest baby owl! This little guy needs someone to give him a bath and take care of him. Give him a wash, change his diaper and then change his appearance with funky colors.","stars":85.714285714286}

Elsa Baby Bath
{"description":"Baby Elsa was a real cutie when she was younger! Become a royal babysitter of Arendelle and take care of baby Elsa by giving her a bath and making sure she stays happy whilst getting clean! Dry her and change her diaper, then dress her all up for another fun day.","stars":91.304347826087}

Fairytale Wedding
{"description":"Every girl dreams of their own fairytale wedding, but for this magic princess, the fairytale is really! Armed with magic wands and fantastic creatures, she needs help choosing her wedding gown and outfit for her special fairytale wedding.","stars":88.888888888889}

Street Dancer Dress Up
{"description":"Being a street dancer is more than just dancing; it's also about being a cool chick with a great taste in both music and fashion sense! Grab your iPod and get ready to hit the streets with some cool and casual street-smart styles.","stars":66.666666666667}

Baby Barbie Summer Braids
{"description":"Baby Barbie is getting ready for a picnic outside with her friends and wants a new fun summer braided hairstyle to keep her hair nice and neat whilst she plays. Help her to wash and prepare her hair and then pick out a cute style for her playdate.","stars":91.304347826087}

Berry Sponge
{"description":"Summer seems to be coming to a close, so enjoy the last few sunny days with a picnic. And what better way to start a picnic than with a delicious berry sponge cake. Learn to bake your own sponge cake decorated with fresh fruits.","stars":76.923076923077}

Jane Boolittle Haircuts
{"description":"Jane Boolittle is no stranger to fashion! This Monster High chick loves to set trends with her trademark cane but today she's looking for a cool new hairstyle. What haircut will tame her scary style?","stars":92.307692307692}

Elisa Magic Ice Cream
{"description":"Elisa is a special girl with magical powers and today she is using her magic to create ice cream for her frozen friend. Choose from the ingredients and combine them to make ice cream! But her magic can go wrong... What ice cream will you create?","stars":95.238095238095}

Baby Elsa Butterfly Face Art
{"description":"Baby Elsa loves to play around with face paint and today she needs help designing a beautiful butterfly. Pick the butterfly design and use the stencils to paint in the colors.","stars":86.516853932584}

Baby Doggy Boo
{"description":"Meet Boo, an adorable puppy. This cute pup needs you to clean him ready for bed time. He's had a hard day of playing! Wash his fur and put him to sleep. Whilst he's asleep, carefully put his toys away but don't drop them or he'll wake up!","stars":90.47619047619}

Barbie High School Princess
{"description":"Barbie is heading back to high school soon and needs to update her wardrobe with a snazzy new look. Will she go for a classy dress and handbag combination or settle for skinny jeans and a cool leather jacket for that casual look?","stars":87.878787878788}

Skater Girl Dress Up
{"description":"This skater girl loves to beat the boys at skating fast and pulling off cool tricks. But being a skater girl is about image as much as skating, and she must always look cool in her skater shorts and hat.","stars":88.888888888889}

Sara's Cooking Class: Black Forest Cake
{"description":"Join Sara for another delicious recipe in her cooking class. Today we'll learn how to make a sweet favorite of many; black forest cake! This chocolate and cherry dessert is a classic cake perfect for any occasion.","stars":78.947368421053}

Realistic Barbie Room
{"description":"Barbie wants to give her bedroom a fab new makeover, but she needs help deciding on the style and decor. Her favorite color is pink; can you jazz up Barbie's room to look super stylish?","stars":89.473684210526}

Elsa Great Makeover
{"description":"Elsa has escaped Arendelle to go on her own frozen adventure, but now that she's out in the cold she needs a makeover to mark her rise to queen of ice and snow! Applied the facial spa treatments and give her the makeover she deserves.","stars":81.25}

Injured Sofia the First
{"description":"Poor Sofia the First injured herself when playing outside her castle. You'll need to become her doctor and cure her injuries so she'll feel all better.","stars":84.146341463415}

Frozen Sisters Dress Up
{"description":"Esla and Anna are two amazing sisters that grew up in Arendelle. They both have their own unique personality and style, so how will you dress them up? To look alike or stand out?","stars":90.909090909091}

Summer Beach Decor
{"description":"Heading to the beach this summer to enjoy the sun, sea and sand? The beach can be a crowded place this time of year with people sunbathing or splashing in the sea. How would your perfect beach party look?","stars":87.878787878788}

Kitty Nail Salon
{"description":"Choose from three adorable kitties and turn them into stars with a fabulous mail makeover! Clean your kitten's paw and then decorate their claws with purr-fect nail designs and styles. Then dress them up in adorable outfits. Cute!","stars":86.95652173913}

Baby Bottle Haircuts
{"description":"It's haircut time for this cute baby! Wash and cut her hair into a new style, but if she gets sad, give her the baby bottle to keep her happy. When her haircut is finished, dress her up in a lovely outfit and hat.","stars":100}

Decorate Your Walk in Closet 2
{"description":"Have girls, have you ever wanted your own walk-in closet? A private place for all your favorites clothes and shoes? Well now you can create your own and decorate it exactly how you want! Pick out a cute or classy decor.","stars":97.619047619048}

Candy Fabric 2
{"description":"Return back to the Candy Fabric factory and use all kinds of mechanical gizmos and awesome machines to design and create delicious ice cream! Use different shaped cones, wonderful flavors and generous toppings for your amazing ice cream.","stars":81.25}

The Popular Girl
{"description":"Being the popular girl in school can be hard work; you've always got to look your best and wear the latest fashions! This girl is the most popular girl in her school and she needs a fresh beauty makeover to stay popular... But really all she needs is to have fun with her friends.","stars":87.5}
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