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Category: Your Favorited Games


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Back to School Slacking
{"description":"The summer holidays are over and now Sarah has to get ready to return back to school... Boo! The new school year starts today and Sarah is running late, but she doesn't want to get ready for school; she wants to slack instead! Can Sarah get ready for a new year of slacking at school?","stars":90.710382513661}

Barbie Summer Princess
{"description":"Summer is coming to an end but there are still enough sunny days left to celebrate the end of summer in style! And style is the magic word for Barbie, as she'll always pick out the most gorgeous and extravagant outfits to become a summer princess on her summery picnic.","stars":0}

Baby Bathtub
{"description":"Baby bath time is baby fun time! This little cutie loves to splash around in her bathtub with toys and pop the bubbles. Can you pick out the perfect bathroom bathtub and toys for her?","stars":66.666666666667}

Baby Around the World: Australia
{"description":"Our cute little baby is on an adventure around the world and her next stop is Australia! Australia is an exciting land full of exotic animals and a hot climate. Take her on a journey by preparing a fruity snack, coloring in an Australian scene with a cute Koala and then dressing up for an action packed safari. Bonzer!","stars":75}

Cinderella Wedding Dress Up
{"description":"Cinderella has been reunited with her prince and now they are planning on their fairytale wedding. You'll need to help Cinderella pick out the most gorgeous wedding dress and veil for a magical romantic day she'll never forget.","stars":100}

Sofia the First Great Makeover
{"description":"Sofia the First is a growing princess that is learning everything it means to be a royal princess! And that means trying out new make-up and dresses! Help Sofia with a makeover and pick out a great new look for the growing princess.","stars":87.5}

Barbie Diamond Spa Makeover
{"description":"Barbie is a lady who lives a glamorous life! And that means indulging in only the fanciest of spa makeovers and beauty treatments with a luxurious diamond spa! Apply these makeover therapy treatments and then give her the glam look with some gorgeous make-up.","stars":88.461538461538}

Barbie Style Quiz
{"description":"Hey girls, do you know what fashion style would suit you the most? Can you tell about your retro chic from your glam look? Take Barbie's style quiz and find out which look would suit you!","stars":80.769230769231}

Sweet Summer Braids
{"description":"Summer is almost over for most of us, but that doesn't mean we can't keep the sunny summer spirit alive with these cute summer braids! Pick out a braided style for this girl and style her hair. You'll need to prepare her hair first with a quick wash and condition treatment.","stars":92.857142857143}

Virtual Pet Kitty
{"description":"Raise your own virtual kitty in a unique and fun way; by teaching her valuable logic, motor and art skills! Put her through the tests and see what kitty career she will evolve in to, with six different types. Then dress her up for a bright and fun future.","stars":81.481481481481}

Drum Circles
{"description":"Have you ever taken part in a drum circle? Taking part in a drum circle with your friends can be a fun way to create great music together, especially when you dress up and look the part!","stars":66.666666666667}

Clean Up Hair Salon
{"description":"Running your own hair salon can be hard work, especially at the end of the day when it's left in a mess. Help clean up the salon by putting equipment and beauty products back in their right place within the time limit.","stars":94.871794871795}

Decorate My Jeans
{"description":"Jeans are always in fashion as they can be paired with almost any top and outfit for a chic or retro look. Jeans are easy to customize as well, so why not decorate your own for a pair of jeans that are as individual as you!","stars":75}

Yoga Time with Kim
{"description":"The weekend is here which is the perfect time to relax and unwind with some yoga! Join Kim for a meditative yoga experience... So grab your yoga map and make sure your way something casual and relaxing.","stars":100}

Monster High Elissabat Haircuts
{"description":"Elissabat is a lady with many talents! As well as being a famous actress, she is also Queen of the vampires and star student at Monster High! And with so much pressure to act and be a good queen, Elissabat needs to make sure her hair always looks good! Help her out with a full hairdressing makeover and a great new hair style.","stars":77.272727272727}

My Pet Doctor
{"description":"This cute little kitten is feeling. Take her to the doctor for a check up and then give her a soothing bath and dress her up in cute clothes to make her feel all better.","stars":85.185185185185}

School Premises Cleaning
{"description":"The new school semester has started and these kids are already making a mess of school property! Help the janitor to clean it up and put all of the school equipment neatly away.","stars":76.923076923077}

Mia Cooking Ice Cream Banana Split
{"description":"Join Mia this summer for a traditional summery treat by preparing your own ice cream banana split. Help Mia to gather ingredients using fresh summer fruits and a ripe banana and scoop portions of flavored ice cream topped with chocolate sauce and cream. Finish the dessert with a shiny red cherry. Beautiful.","stars":89.795918367347}

Cosmic Ballet
{"description":"Hey girls, have you ever dreamed of becoming a ballet dancer? Being a ballet dancer is hard work, but learning the moves will teach you how to dance in all kinds of performances. This girl is getting ready for a performance that will be out of this world.","stars":88.888888888889}

Fashionista Teen Queen
{"description":"Being a true fashionista is a difficult job! Fashion is serious business and that means looking good in only the most stylish and fashionable of outfits. This teen queen dreams of becoming a true fashion queen and needs to visit the local spa and beauty salon for some real beauty therapy. Top off her new look with a gorgeous shimmering dress.","stars":87.5}

Asian Dress Up
{"description":"Travel to Asia and learn all about Asian fashion and culture. Try different fabrics and vivid colors and learn what styles are fashionable and chic in Asia today.","stars":100}

Elsa Frozen Baby Feeding
{"description":"Queen Elsa has now become a queen mother has her own darling bundle of joy! But this cute little baby needs mama to care for her. Help Elsa to keep her baby girl happy with a night time feeding. Then decorate her new nursery befitting the newest princess of Arendelle.","stars":88.372093023256}

Fruit Party Pie
{"description":"Fall is getting closer so why not celebrate the end of summer with a delicious fruit pie? You can learn to bake your own fruit pie easily and this sweet dessert will be a welcome sight at any party!","stars":78.947368421053}

Tom and Angela Wedding Day
{"description":"Tom and Angela are getting married! Hurray! But now they need your help to plan the wedding. Help both Tom and Angela get ready with a makeover, then choose the engagement ring and honeymoon destination. Dress both the bride and groom for their magical day.","stars":88.405797101449}

Baby Barbie Slumber Party
{"description":"Join Baby Barbie in a fun slumber party this evening! Barbie has invited you and her friend Lucy for a fun night in cute PJ's. Dress up, make some delicious popcorn and play with face paints before settling down for a night of your favorite Disney films.","stars":92.5}

Cinderella Real Makeover
{"description":"Cinderella has been invited to the royal ball! But before she can go, she needs help preparing with a cleansing facial makeover and a gorgeous new dress! Help Cinderella prepare for a night of magic and romance.","stars":88.571428571429}

Frozen Elsa Feather Chain Braids
{"description":"Now that Elsa is queen, she is getting bored of her usual hairstyle and wants something new and adventurous. Wash her hair and then style with beautiful feather chain style braids, or create your own style for her!","stars":88.372093023256}

Ellie Prom Prep
{"description":"Prom season is here and this girl needs help getting ready for her school's prom! Help her prepare with a fabulous makeover using natural beauty treatments and facial scrubs. Then pick out a gorgeous dress and accessories to match for a night she'll never forget.","stars":89.189189189189}

Chick Cake Pops
{"description":"The world will never get bored of cupcakes, especially funky cute cupcakes like these delicious chick cake pops! And these will look and taste great any time of the year, so why not gather your cake mix and bake a batch of adorable chick cake pops?","stars":84.615384615385}

Baby Lizzie Ear Doctor
{"description":"Baby Lizzie was playing in her garden when a nasty bug crawled inside her ear. Now she's upset and needs a visit to the Ear Doctor! Become her ear doctor and take a look inside to clean her inner ear of any nasty gunk that may be upsetting poor Lizzie.","stars":72.727272727273}

Frankie Stein Real Makeover
{"description":"The new school year is starting at Monster High and Frankie Stein has had one wild summer vacation and now needs to brush up for this semester! She needs a fiendishly cool new makeover, now! Help Frankie apply facial creams with her monstrous makeover and then pick out a fabulous new outfit so she can shine on her first day back at Monster High.","stars":97.368421052632}

Barbie Job Interview
{"description":"Barbie has a job interview soon and needs to pick out a suitable outfit for her interview, but what style would work best? She needs a smart-casual look, but she also wants to stamp on her own individual sense of style with bright colors. Help Barbie dress to impress!","stars":91.891891891892}

Trendy Braces
{"description":"Getting braces can make you feel scared and ugly, but braces can come in all kinds of colors and designs and look cool! If you treat braces as just another accessory, you can mix and match your clothes for some super cute and trendy styles.","stars":81.818181818182}

Realistic Princess Room
{"description":"Have you ever wanted to be a princess? Now you can become the princess you always dreamed of with the ultimate royal room makeover! Turn your room into a princess haven and decorate it however you want.","stars":83.582089552239}

Sara's Cooking Class: Chocolate Pizza
{"description":"Welcome back to Sara's Cooking Class where we have a special treat for you! If you love pizza and chocolate, then why not learn to make your own chocolate pizza? Create chocolate dough and then you can use your favorite candies for the toppings!","stars":84.848484848485}
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