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Category: Your Favorited Games


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Mia Cooking Chocolate Fudge
{"description":"Join Mia in her kitchen for a tasty sweet snack and learn to make traditional chocolate fudge. Chocolate fudge can be used as a gift for friends and family or may make a nice treat for Halloween. Prepare and melt the ingredients before freezing and cutting them into fudge squares. Beautiful.","stars":78.43137254902}

Princess Tiana Makeover
{"description":"Give Princess Tiana a makeover!","stars":100}

Baby Barbie Trick or Treat
{"description":"Can you help baby Barbie get dressed for Halloween?","stars":80}

Sofia Halloween Face Art
{"description":"Help Sofia the first get ready for Halloween!","stars":85.185185185185}

{"description":"Can you help these two beautiful Vampire ladies get ready for Halloween?","stars":60}

Cooking Lesson - Cake Maker
{"description":"Who wants cake? Let's learn how to make them. ","stars":80}

Halloween House Makeover
{"description":"The kids are coming over to trick or treat! Can you help Ms.Witch clean her house for them arriving?","stars":100}

Barbie Halloween Costume Designer
{"description":"It's almost Halloween! Barbie needs an outfit to go trick or treating in, can you help her make one?","stars":83.333333333333}

Halloween Make Up: Spider Queen
{"description":"Can you help the spider queen look amazing for Halloween? Do her makeup and choose a spooky outfit for her.","stars":100}

Barbie's First Date
{"description":"Barbie is so excited! Today is her first date with Ken! Ken has promised to take her to all kinds of different venues and magical places so Barbie isn't sure whether to dress in casual chic or glam it up for a fancy restaurant. Which outfit would work best for this romantic date?","stars":100}

Creamy Dreamy Cupcakes
{"description":"This cute little sheep loves cupcakes as much as he loves to sleep! And when he's asleep, he dreams of delicious cupcakes with all kinds of flavors and toppings! What would your dream cupcake look like?","stars":100}

Cute Little Girl Makeover
{"description":"This cute little girl is going to a birthday party tonight and needs to have a bath and makeover ready! Help her to choose some cute makeover and a pretty dress for the party too.","stars":50}

Ginormica Make Up
{"description":"Ginormica AKA Susan Murphy is a lady that's larger than life after being hit by a meteor which caused her to grow to 50 feet tall! When she's not using her powers to save the world with her monster friends, she likes to unwind with a fab makeover.","stars":62.5}

Elsa and Ken Kissing
{"description":"Elsa has a new crush named Ken and wants to snuggle up and kiss outside in the snowy frozen fields of Arendelle, but prying eyes keep trying to catch them! Can Elsa kiss her crush without getting caught?","stars":80.952380952381}

Design Your Halloween Costume
{"description":"Halloween is almost here! Are you excited? You need to pick out a Halloween costume whilst you still have time! This girl has decided to design and make her very own free Halloween costume from scratch. Help her to pick out a design and then cut the shapes from the materials and sew them together. When her costume is finished, she'll need some spooky accessories to really complete her costume.","stars":88.888888888889}

Elsa Tooth Injury
{"description":"Elsa was ice skating on a frozen pond when she fell and injured her teeth! Now she needs a visit to Arendelle's dentist to make sure her teeth are repaired and in good health. Can you take a look at her teeth and use the dental tools to her her tooth problems?","stars":81.818181818182}

Autumn Scarves and Hairstyles
{"description":"The Autumn fall season is in full swing and beautiful brown and orange leaves scatter the sidewalk. So of course its the perfect time to dress up in complementary fall colors and choose from comfortable yet stylish scarves to keep you warm and a trendy braided hairstyle to stand out.","stars":71.428571428571}

Baby Girl Loves Ice-Cream
{"description":"This cute baby girl just LOVES ice cream! Any flavor, any time, she just loves to visit the local ice cream parlor and tuck into her favorite ice cream. But being a baby she can be clumsy and spill it down her... So she'll need a new pair of clothes for her next ice cream helping.","stars":60}

Puppy Groomer
{"description":"Meet your new puppy friend! This adorable fluffy pup has a lot of fur and needs you to become an expert groomer. Give him a bath and make sure his fur is clean. He'll need a new haircut for his fur, but what style will you choose? Don't forget to finish off the pampered pooch look with a cute hat and other accessories.","stars":84.615384615385}

Dentist Fear 2
{"description":"Are you scared of the dentist? It's normal to be a little scared, and these kids certainly are! Help put their fears at ease and become their dentist. You'll need to clean out their teeth and read them of nasty bacteria living inside.","stars":93.333333333333}

Clean Up Wedding Salon
{"description":"The wedding salon is the perfect place for brides-to-be to plan out their dream wedding and pick out a gorgeous wedding dress. But the last customers made the wedding salon a mess. Can you help clear it up and put everything back where it belongs before the shop opens? You'll need to be quick!","stars":82.352941176471}

Park Bench Kissing
{"description":"Being in love is a magical time and nothing is more romantic than a date in the park. This young couple have had a picnic in the park and gone for a walk around, but now they've stopped by the park bench to snuggle up and share a romantic kiss.","stars":80}

DIY Stylish Rain Boots
{"description":"The fall season can bring a lot of rain, but it doesn't have to make you sad when you can create and customize your very own cool rain boots! Pick your favorite boot shape and then get to work making the buckles. Then to color and decorate them however you like!","stars":100}

Kitchen Restaurant Clean Up 3
{"description":"Running a busy restaurant can be hard work and it's important to keep the kitchen area clean and hygienic! The restaurant is about to open to serve their famous milkshakes and burgers but the kitchen is a mess! Can you help clean it up in time? There are three busy kitchen levels to clean.","stars":94.594594594595}

Sofia the First Flu Doctor
{"description":"Oh no! The royal princess Sofia the First has caught a flu this fall season. Can you take her to the doctor and check her symptoms? She'll need you to give her some medicine to make her all better.","stars":90.243902439024}

Superhero Slacking
{"description":"One day Sarah woke up with amazing super powers and decided to use her powers for good and become a superhero! But being a superhero means Sarah never gets time to herself to have some fun... Can she beat the bad guys and save the day whilst having a little fun?","stars":89.130434782609}

Queen Synthia
{"description":"The amazing Queen Synthia is on tour with band and whilst it's important to have rockin' music, it's also important to have amazing eye-catching outfits as part of the show! Dress her and her band mate up in a really radical outfit to wow the audience.","stars":0}

Halloween Sugar Rush
{"description":"Halloween will be here soon and that means lots of candy and chocolate! Yay! But if you eat too much candy you could end up with a tummy ache like this poor girl! She needs to go to the hospital to remove all the candy before she is sick. Dress her up in a cute Halloween costume but don't eat so much this time!","stars":93.75}

The Beautiful Mermaid
{"description":"Hey girls, have you always wanted to be a beautiful mermaid? Well you can always dress up like a mermaid! Take fashion inspiration from magical mermaids with these mermaid-inspired outfits by transforming skirts and dresses into cute mermaid tails.","stars":87.5}

Anna Wedding Kiss
{"description":"Anna and Kristoff are madly in love and can't wait to get married, but they don't wait to wait until their special day to spend time together kissing! Anna's sister Elsa does not approve... Can you help Anna sneak some kisses without being caught by Elsa?","stars":93.44262295082}

Strike a Pose
{"description":"This lucky young model has just been invited to a glitzy fashion photoshoot and asked to pose with something glamorous. But she's not sure what outfit will stand out the most... Can you pick out a chic outfit with matching accessories for the photoshoot?","stars":87.5}

Elsa & Anna Hairstyles
{"description":"Elsa and Anna are two super cool sisters and today they're hosting a ball in Arendelle! They'll both need a shiny new hairstyle for the party; can you help them pick out the perfect look? Give both Elsa and Anna a hair makeover by washing, cutting and styling their hair.","stars":78.43137254902}

Kids Car Wash
{"description":"Come meet a magical, talking car! This car loves to drive children around on amazing adventures but he's looking a little dirty. Can you help clean him up by washing and polishing the car? Then give him a cute new makeover by changing the colors and decals! Awesome!","stars":76.470588235294}

Tasty Kitty Cake
{"description":"Design and decorate your very own tasty kitty cat! Choose from different cat designs and make a fantastic multi-tiered cake decorated with icing and additional cupcakes. Yum!","stars":100}

Elsa's New Staff
{"description":"Baby Elsa was ice skating when she slipped and fell, breaking her magical staff! Can you build her a brand new staff? You'll need to design it and choose the magical powers it possesses! When you have made the staff, choose a cute outfit to match.","stars":90.909090909091}
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