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Category: Your Favorited Games


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Easter Slacking 2014
{"description":"Easter is here! And we all know what that means... Lots of delicious chocolate Easter Eggs! But not for Sarah, as she has been lumped with babysitting her bratty little brother at a Easter Egg Hunt. Boo! Can she sneak away to have an egg-citing time searching for her own Easter Eggs?","stars":90.480349344978}

Kiss for a Hero
{"description":"Even Superheroes can find love! It can be harder for heroes to find love due to secret identities and all, but beating the bad guys is passionate work and these superheroes take their romance to the next level. Dress them both up in their perfect matching superhero costumes.","stars":91.666666666667}

Pet Nail Salon
{"description":"Playing in the yard all day can make these puppy's nails dirty and broken! Invite them to your pet nail salon and treat their puppy paws to a nail makeover. Clean their nails and then apply all kinds of unique designs. When you're done, add some rings and bracelets for a happy pampered pooch.","stars":100}

Baby Ariel Real Haircuts
{"description":"Living under the salty sea can be damaging for hair, and baby Ariel loves to try new hairstyles, so give her a fun new hairstyle she will enjoy! Cut, dye and style her hair in many ways. It can even grow back! And then style it further with hairpins and bows, and cute new clothes to match.","stars":89.285714285714}

Cute Egg Chick
{"description":"Easter is here and this cheeky little chick has just hatched for Spring. Dress him up ready for Easter with different hairstyles, accessories and funky chick clothes.","stars":83.333333333333}

Decorative High Heels
{"description":"Hey girls, do you like high heels? This stylish footwear can be customized however you like with multiple different colors, designs and added accessories like bows or zippers. Design your own pair of funky heels.","stars":80}

Easter Egg Laundry
{"description":"This cute girl was painting Easter Eggs when she got paint all over her clothes! Help her clean then by doing the laundry! Separate the clothes into whites and colors and wash them. Whilst they're drying, help her to pick out a new cute outfit for Easter. Don't forget to fold the clothes when done!","stars":100}

Funny Square Cake
{"description":"Tiered square cakes are the best because it is basically a big tower of cake and you can add as many layers as you want! Decorate your own tiered square cake for any occasion, such as Birthday's, Anniversary's... Even Easter!","stars":94.117647058824}

Baby Easter Nails
{"description":"This cute little girl is egg-cited for Easter! She wants to celebrate by painting her nails with Easter themed designs and dress up in cute Easter costumes. Help give her nails a proper makeover and then play together by coloring in some Easter pictures and dressing up. Happy Easter!","stars":100}

Easter Baby Chick Care
{"description":"Happy Easter! It's your first day at the farm animal studio. Your job is to hatch and look after these fluffy baby chicks so that they will grow healthy and strong this Spring.","stars":85.123966942149}

Everybody Needs Love
{"description":"Everybody needs love, and this cute girl has been single for too long... It's time to get back into the dating game! Help her get ready for nights of dating fun with a full facial and fashion makeover. She'll need to look her best on her quest for love as you never know when love will strike!","stars":71.875}

Red Riding Hood Dentist
{"description":"Oh my, Red Riding Hood, what bad teeth you have! Red Riding Hood hasn't been listening to her grandma and now she has toothache and needs to visit a dentist. Become a fairytale dentist and help fix and clean her teeth. When her smile is good as new, treat her to a fashion makeover for being good!","stars":94.444444444444}

Easter Hide and Seek Game
{"description":"These three friends have invited you on a Easter Egg hunt for Easter! Can you find all of the Easter Eggs hidden on these three levels? Good luck!","stars":75}

Toto's Easter Eggs
{"description":"Easter is almost here and Toto needs help preparing his Easter Eggs for a Easter Egg hunt! Help paint and design these Easter Eggs by selecting a color and then a design and sticker. Don't forget to select a stand as well! Good luck!","stars":86.95652173913}

Big Sister Best Friend
{"description":"Nothing beats having a big sister! They'll always be there for you. This baby is lucky to have such a cool big sister. Her older sister is taking her for a fun day out at the carnival. Dress them both up in cute matching clothing to show they are best friends as well as sisters.","stars":85.294117647059}

Cooking Super Macaroons
{"description":"Hey girls, have you ever tried a macaroon? These unique desserts can be created in any color, so why not learn to make your own? Follow this recipe to make sugary sweet and colorful macaroons to impress your friends and family.","stars":92.957746478873}

Frozen Party Cleanup
{"description":"Elsa is back with Anna in Arendelle and the kingdom is saved! To celebrate, Elsa held a cool party, but now the castle is a mess. Can you help Elsa clean up after the party?","stars":92.380952380952}

Barbie Sleepwear Princess
{"description":"Barbie is having a slumber party with her best friends and needs a cute and fashionable outfit to wear. She owns many different Hello Kitty and My Little Pony night gowns and accessories, but perhaps you will pick out something more stylish and frilly for her to wear?","stars":93.75}

Vampire Nose Doctor
{"description":"Even little monsters like this Vampire have to visit a nose doctor once in a while! Become a nose doctor and fix the problems of this cute little Vampire. Use the tools to clean and remove any nasties from the nose so he can return back to being scary.","stars":86.206896551724}

Baby Bonnie Blue
{"description":"Cute Baby Bonnie is sad tonight because she is ill and has a flu. Get her ready for bed time by checking her temperature, changing her diaper and making some home made cough medicine. Then dress her ready for bed so she'll have a good night's sleep.","stars":94.117647058824}

Patterns Runway Secrets
{"description":"This girl has been asked to attend a fashion show for summer, and patterns are IN this season, girls! Unlock different patterns, including fab polka dots and exotic animal prints to create a unique style for the fashion show.","stars":95.121951219512}

Baby Seven Fishing Time
{"description":"This cute baby is going on a fun fishing trip on the sea to catch all kinds of colorful fish. Come with her and have fun helping to catch fish! Move the boat and fish with the mouse but be careful not to catch junk in the sea, as this will sink your boat!","stars":82.608695652174}

Choc-a-Block Trifle
{"description":"Fruit trifle is delicious, but did you know you can make a chocolate trifle? This amazing layered trifle uses melted chocolate, crushed brownies and cream with chocolate flakes on top. Mm-hmm, sounds amazing! You can learn how to make your own chocolate trifle with this recipe. Wow your friends!","stars":88}

Barbie Romantic Princess
{"description":"Barbie is the princess of fashion as we all know, but did you know she loves romance too? Barbie loves to experiment with stylish yet romantic outfits with red and pink colors and frilly dresses with cute accessories. Go through her wardrobe and find the most romantic outfit, perfect for any date!","stars":85.714285714286}

Easter Bunny Beauty
{"description":"Easter is the favorite holiday of all bunnies and rabbits everywhere, and this cute girly bunny has a date with the handsome Easter Bunny himself! Dress her up in some stylish bunny fashion for this Easter.","stars":85.714285714286}

Chocolate and Orange Cake
{"description":"You can never have too much cake (well, maybe) and the only thing more fun than eating cake is baking it! Learn to bake a delicious and moist chocolate and orange cake with this recipe. It's easier to learn how to make a cake than you may think! Plus, you get cake! Yay cake!","stars":85.714285714286}

Monster Baby Nose Doctor
{"description":"This cute little monster has a stuffy nose and needs to visit a nose doctor to take a look inside and clean any problems! There is a lot of nasty gunk in there, so use the tools to clean it out so she can breathe easier.","stars":84.883720930233}

Barbie Candy Shop
{"description":"Barbie loves candy and has opened up her own candy store! Learn how to make delicious chocolates and sweets by studying recipes and cooking them from scratch. Buy more ingredients and recipes and keep your customers happy so they'll come back for more!","stars":85}

Glen Dental Care
{"description":"This sad baby is upset because he has toothache and needs to visit the dentist! Become a dentist and take care of his teeth by fixing his tooth problems and giving them a good clean. With shiny teeth, he'll be happy again!","stars":89.690721649485}

Baby Lizzie Outdoor Bathing
{"description":"Spring is here, so baby Lizzie has been playing outside a lot! Now she needs a bath before she can go back inside, how how about a fun outdoor bath? Wash her body and hair with soap and play with some fun toys. Then when she's ready to go back inside, dress her up in her favorite clothes.","stars":87.5}

Barbie Ear Doctor
{"description":"Barbie has been so busy that she hasn't taken care of her ears and now she has ear ache! Become her ear doctor and help clean her ear, fixing any problems she may have. Then make her feel happier with some nice new earrings and a cute little cheek tattoo.","stars":85.294117647059}

Rain Fun
{"description":"The warmer weather is nice, but it usually means more rain! But you can have fun in the rain with some stylish raincoats, boots and, of course, a funky colorful umbrella! Wrap up and go jump in some puddles!","stars":95.238095238095}

Kitchen Restaurant Clean Up 2
{"description":"Cooking is really fun, but very messy! This kitchen is a complete mess and you need to help clean it up before you can use it again. Clean up all the spills and put away all the items within the time limit. Good luck!","stars":88.888888888889}

Magical Mermaid
{"description":"Hey girls, would you like to meet a magical mermaid? This cute little mermaid loves to play dress up with human clothes, so help her pick out some adorable outfits and sparkling jewelry. Pick out a cute undersea friend for her to play with too!","stars":89.130434782609}

Girly Horse Pet Care
{"description":"This girl loves ponies and taking care of horses! She has a chance at helping out at the local stables and is going to learn how to take care of a horse. Start by cleaning the horse and grooming it's hair, then dress it in cute outfits.","stars":87.878787878788}
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