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Category: Your Favorited Games


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Independence Day Slacking 2015
{"description":"Happy Independence Day! It's almost the 4th July and Sarah's school are on a class field trip to the National Archives to see the famous Declaration of Independence. But all Sarah wants to do is have some fun and celebrate Independence Day her way! Can Sarah slack away from the class and enjoy her 4th July?","stars":86.702127659574}

Thrill Rush 4
{"description":"Return to the theme park and get ready for the ride of your life! Dodge and jump over obstacles in this crazy roller coaster ride. Collect cash and upgrade!","stars":100}

Summer in the City
{"description":"Enjoy summer in the city by going on a shopping spree and updating your wardrobe with all the latest cute fashions! Go for a cool casual look or splash out and dress up in beautiful summer dresses.","stars":0}

Cake Break
{"description":"Cakes may be delicious but they have feelings too! Guide these cute cakes to safety by using your mouse to propel them across many challenging levels. Nom nom!","stars":100}

American Dreamer
{"description":"Happy Independence Day! This cute girl has moved to America to seek out the American dream. And to her that means dressing up in the latest fashions from the USA and celebrating American Independence Day by visiting her favorite American landmarks.","stars":0}

Slushy Screamer
{"description":"Cool down on these hot summer days with a cool ice cold treat; a colorful slushy! Choose the perfect rainbow mix of flavors to mix with ice and then add refreshing fruit and cream toppings. Just make sure you don't get brain freeze!","stars":80}

Fairytale Cinderella Baby
{"description":"Meet cute Cinderella as a tiny baby! She needs you to become her babysitter and keep her happy and healthy. Give her a warm bath and change her diaper. Take care of her needs and then dress her up in adorable little baby clothes.","stars":0}

Puppy Teeth Dentist
{"description":"These poor little puppies have bit off more than they could chew! Become a pet dentist and help cure these dog's of their bad teeth habits by repairing and cleaning their canine canines!","stars":100}

Ariel Kissing
{"description":"Ariel has fallen in love with the handsome prince Eric and wants to sneak away to kiss him above the ocean waves, but her fishy friends Flounder and Sebastian think otherwise! Help Ariel to sneak some smooches with Eric but don't get caught!","stars":100}

Peanut Butter Parfait
{"description":"Cool down this summer with an amazing sweet treat. This peanut butter parfait will make your day perfect. Design your perfect dessert with cold ice cream, tempting toppings and lashings of fruit, nuts and sauce. It looks amazing!","stars":100}

Monster Hospital Recovery
{"description":"Draculaura was leaning out of her window balcony one night when she accidentally fell and landed in a bush! She has some serious injuries and needs you to be her doctor and fix her up! Use the medical tools to get her back to normal.","stars":80}

Rapunzel Hair Doctor
{"description":"Rapunzel has a serious bad hair day! Her hair is covered in lice and creepy crawlies and her scalp is a mess! Eww! Cut off her hair and become a hair doctor by curing her head off it's issues and growing her hair back again.","stars":86.95652173913}

Baby Barbie Summer Glittery Tattoo
{"description":"Get in the mood for summer with a shiny glittery tattoo! Baby Barbie wants to relax this summer with a cool summer dress and a summer themed tattoo. Pick out a dress for her and then choose a beautiful tattoo. Help her apply the ink and show it off.","stars":92.307692307692}

Summer Manga Maker
{"description":"Enjoy summer with a super manga makeover! Create your own Anime love story by dressing up this cute couple for summer fun. What will there story be?","stars":100}

Peppa Car
{"description":"Peppa Pig and her family are going on a road trip! Help drive the car around the track and try to make as many laps as you can in the time limit. ","stars":53.846153846154}

Elsa's Secret Wardrobe
{"description":"Elsa has a super secret wardrobe hidden from her sister where she keeps all of her gorgeous dresses! But her wardrobe is in a bit of a mess. Help Elsa find the makeover items she needs and then dress her up in a lovely dress and beautiful make up.","stars":78.571428571429}

Frozen Sisters Ballerinas
{"description":"The Frozen sisters Elsa and Anna love to dance! They especially love ballet and are putting on a show for their fans in Arendelle. But, they cannot decide what outfit to wear for their show. Pick out a beautiful ballet costume for them both. Will you match them together or help them stand out?","stars":88.888888888889}

Monster Team Graduation
{"description":"It's graduation season at Monster High! These three Monster High students are getting ready to graduate from high school and need help picking out a great outfit to match their graduation gown and gap. Can you help out Ghoulia Yelps, Amanita Nightshade and Gooliope Jellington get ready for graduation?","stars":78.947368421053}

Clean Up Horse Farm
{"description":"You've just got a job working at the local stables! You can't wait to meet and take care of the horses, but first you need to help clear out all the trash in the stables to make it clean and healthy for the cute horses and farm animals. Use the tools to clean up and repair around the farm!","stars":76.923076923077}

Barbie Princess Wedding
{"description":"Barbie is getting married today and needs to pick out a beautiful wedding dress for her special day! Her bridesmaids also need help with their dress and hairstyle. Will you mix them all up or match the bride with her maids?","stars":85.714285714286}

Cooking Vegetable Salad
{"description":"The hot summer weather is the perfect time to learn how to prepare a healthy, tasty salad! Chop the fresh vegetable ingredients and cook grilled beef for a filling and refreshing salad.","stars":70}

Princess Dolphin Care
{"description":"This beautiful princess mermaid lives underwater with her cute pet dolphin! Help her to care for her pet by washing the dolphin and dressing it up in cute pet accessories.","stars":81.818181818182}

Elsa in Concert
{"description":"Tonight Elsa is going to be performing in concert within the theater in Arendelle by playing the piano. Get her ready for the big performance by choosing her make up and evening dress and then challenge yourself to a fun piano game!","stars":81.818181818182}

Horse Grooming Salon 3
{"description":"Adopt and take care of your own magnificent horse! You'll need to care for the horse by grooming it, looking after its hooves and dressing it up in the perfect saddle and accessories. ","stars":55.555555555556}

Dora Sunburn
{"description":"Dora was exploring her local beach but forgot to put on sun lotion. Now she has become sun burn! Ouch! Take Dora to the doctor's office and use the medical equipment to get her back to normal, then dress her up in cute summer clothes.","stars":94.117647058824}

Super Barbie Real Haircuts
{"description":"Barbie has become a superhero! Shhh! Don't tell anyone! She's ready to take on crime and beat the bad guys, but she needs a new hairstyle and costume before she can begin crime fighting. Choose a new hair style for her and don't forget to pick out a cool new costume and cape!","stars":81.818181818182}

Monster High Pets Salon
{"description":"The girls at Monster High love their pets! But they can be a handful. Help Clawdeen Wolf, Frankie Stein and Ghoulia Yelps to wash and care for their adorable little pets.","stars":90.909090909091}

Barbie Makeup Artist
{"description":"Barbie is having a bad skin day and needs to freshen up with a make up makeover! Become her make up artist and help to freshen up her skin with natural beauty treatments and then choose out colorful and glittery make up for a brand new look.","stars":87.80487804878}

Baby Barbie My Palace Pets
{"description":"Baby Barbie has become a pet babysitter at the royal palace! Help take care of pets for Disney princesses such as Jasmine, Tiana and Pocahontas by grooming them and dressing them up. So cute!","stars":73.333333333333}

1001 Arabian Nights 7
{"description":"Head to Arabia and take an Arabian Night adventure! Match three or more blocks to remove them and drop the mysterious keys to the bottom of the board in this fun match three game.","stars":75}

Magic Touch
{"description":"Help the great wizard to defend his castle from monsters floating down on balloons from the sky! Wait, what? The only way to save yourself is to cast magic spells and pop those balloons. Use your mouse to perform the spell in time. Good luck!","stars":86.666666666667}

Snap the Shape: Hawaii
{"description":"Take a trip to tropical Hawaii and snap the shapes together in this fun and challenging puzzle game! How far can you get?","stars":66.666666666667}

Alley Cat Choir
{"description":"Meet these cool cats! This fluffy trio are the best of friends and like to hang out in the local alleys meowing to the stars. Dress them up in cute costumes for another night of feline fun.","stars":86.95652173913}

Lemon Meringue Pie
{"description":"Mmm, I love lemon meringue pie! Especially when the lemon is zesty and the meringue is beautifully fluffy. Take time out of your day to enjoy a lemon meringue dessert and design your perfect slice!","stars":62.5}

Barbie's Patchwork Peasant Dress
{"description":"Barbie was clearing out her sewing fabrics when she came across many different patterns! Help her to turn these into a colorful patchwork dress. Choose the clothing style and design the perfect dress for Barbie.","stars":77.272727272727}
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