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Category: Your Favorited Games


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Lemonade Stand Slacking
{"description":"Summer is here and Sarah wants to earn a little extra pocket money, and what better way is there than running a lemonade stand? She's got her lemons ready but waiting for customers to come along to try her secret recipe is boring. Can Sarah run her lemonade stand without slacking and getting bored?","stars":89.950372208437}

Pretty Pasta
{"description":"Pasta is the perfect soul food! This traditional Italian dish works well with all kinds of meats, veggies and sauces. What is your favorite pasta dish? Create your perfect pasta meal!","stars":0}

Baby Barbie Shopping Spree
{"description":"Let's go on a shopping spree with Baby Barbie! Baby Barbie has been given an allowance and is allowed to buy whatever she wants in the big city. Take her shopping for a new outfit and funky new accessories like hats, bags and shoes. Stop off at the toy shop and buy a fun new toy too!","stars":33.333333333333}

Rapunzel Swimming Pool
{"description":"The summer holidays are here and Rapunzel wants to chill out and relax with a swim in her pool! Get ready for a relaxing time with a beautifying spa session and then help Rapunzel take a dip in the pool for a splashing good time.","stars":100}

Now and Then Anna Sweet Sixteen
{"description":"It's Anna's sixteenth birthday and her big sister Elsa is throwing a birthday party for all of her friends in Arendelle, but Anna can't decide whether to wear a classy traditional dress or something more casual. Choose from both styles and compare them to find the perfect outfit for Anna.","stars":100}

Summer Car Wash
{"description":"Get ready for a summer road trip by washing your car and getting it all shiny and chrome for cruising down to the beach. Dress in cool swimwear as washing your car can be messy!","stars":80}

Disney Style Wedding
{"description":"Every girl wants to feel like a princess on their wedding day, and this girl wants to take inspiration from her favorite Disney princesses! Give her the magical wedding she deserves by choosing her wedding dress, make up and wedding ring. Beautiful!","stars":100}

Cartoon 35 Differences
{"description":"Spot the differences in these fun pictures featuring your favorite cartoon characters including Dora, The Powerpuff Girls, The Simpsons and more!","stars":88.888888888889}

CuteZee Cooking Academy: Macarons
{"description":"Learn how to make delicious and sweet macarons! Search the kitchen for the ingredients and items you will need and get baking! Decorate your macarons for a colorful and sweet treat.","stars":100}

Frozen Elsa Gives Birth
{"description":"Elsa is about to have a baby! Quickly, help her pack for the hospital and use the medical tools to make sure her baby is delivered safely. When the baby is born you will need to check its health and take care of it!","stars":78.947368421053}

Cooking Wedding Cake
{"description":"You've been asked by your best friend to make a wedding cake for her upcoming wedding! Follow the recipe and bake a special wedding cake just for her. Decorate it to look wonderful for her big day.","stars":80}

Cooking Home Made Ice Cream
{"description":"Keep yourself cool at home by learning how to make your very own delicious home made ice cream! Shop for the ingredients you will need and follow the recipe to whip up the cream and create the perfect frozen treat. Don't forget to add the toppings!","stars":100}

Barbie Pregnant Check-Up
{"description":"Barbie is expecting her first baby with Ken soon and needs one final check up at the hospital to make sure she and her baby are healthy. Follow through the checks and then make sure Barbie is following a healthy routine.","stars":85.714285714286}

Baby Cinderella House Cleaning
{"description":"Baby Cinderella loves to play around the house, but her home is a mess and her wicked step-mother has ordered her to clean it right up! Can you help out Baby Cinderella to tidy up her room?","stars":90}

Cooking Banana Blueberry Pudding
{"description":"Get fruity this summer with a delicious banana and blueberry pudding! Find the ingredients you will need and follow the recipe one step at a time to prepare and make this mouth watering banana treat. Yum!","stars":75}

Blondie Lockes Hair and Facial
{"description":"Blondie Lockes loves to keep her golden hair and smooth skin in good condition. She needs a fab new makeover before heading to school at Ever After High! Give her a facial makeover with beautifying creams and then dress her in a cute new outfit for school.","stars":92.857142857143}

Fashion Nail Salon 2
{"description":"Head to the nail salon and get some stylish nails! If you're nails are looking battered and cracked like this girls, then you definitely need a manicure! Treat this girl to some nail pampering and fix up her nails. Then decorate them with beautiful new designs and accessories.","stars":85.714285714286}

Elsa Wedding Tailor
{"description":"Anna and Kristoff are getting married today! But Kristoff still doesn't have a costume for his wedding day. Help Elsa clean up her fashion studio and help make him a lovely wedding outfit for the handsome groom.","stars":100}

Baby Barbie Swimming Accident
{"description":"Baby Barbie was swimming in her pool when she lost consciousness and sunk in the water! Call the emergency services and help bring Baby Barbie around with some emergency CPR. When she's awake and feeling better again, dress her up, but be careful around the pool!","stars":90}

Zayn Malik Date Simulator
{"description":"This lucky girl has just won a date with Zayn Malik! Help her get ready for her date and then spend time with the handsome ex-One Direction star by quizzing him and answering his questions. Can you get another date? Or even steal a kiss? Good luck!","stars":82.758620689655}

Ken Leaving Barbie
{"description":"Oh no! Barbie and Ken are breaking up! Barbie is very upset and needs cheering up, can you be her BFF and help her to move on? Cheer her up with a full makeover and then take her out to party and forget all about smelly boys by dressing her up ready to have fun! All the single ladies!","stars":80.701754385965}

Mad Science Labs: Cleo de Nile
{"description":"Cleo de Nile was busy mixing up mad potions inside the science lab at Monster High when she made a mistake and caused quite a bang! Help her clean up the lab and re-decorate it so it will be good as new. Then clean up Cleo's messy face with a facial makeover and pick out a fab new outfit.","stars":78.378378378378}

Ice Cream Decoration
{"description":"Hit the beach with the ultimate summer snack; ice cream! Design your perfect ice cream cone by picking the flavor and some lovely toppings to decorate your ice cream cone with. Looks too good to eat!","stars":60}

Kawaii Beauty Dress Up
{"description":"Enjoy the lovely weather with a fun picnic outside in the park. Dress this cute kawaii chick up in summery dresses and pick out a super cute umbrella to keep the sun away.","stars":66.666666666667}

Sarah, Jewel of the Amazon
{"description":"Sarah is a true adventurer that is travelling to the exotic Amazon Rain Forest in search of ancient ruins and treasure! Kit her up in the clothes she will need to help her survive on her dangerous expedition into the unknown!","stars":66.666666666667}

My Aztec Style
{"description":"Take inspiration from the ancient Aztecs and dress up, Aztec style! Choose a funky outfit by choosing from more traditional Aztec styles or go for a more casual look. Awesome!","stars":83.333333333333}

Rapunzel Head Injury
{"description":"Rapunzel was playing in her tower when she fell outside and injured her head! Oh no! Take Rapunzel to the hospital and become her doctor by using the medical tools to examine her and make her all better.","stars":80.952380952381}

Baby Elsa's Potty Train
{"description":"Baby Elsa is learning how to use the potty! Help her to remember the step she needs including washing her hands and then dress her up in a cute outfit.","stars":92.857142857143}

Baby Astronaut
{"description":"Baby Alice was watching the news when she saw a spaceship land on a faraway planet and became inspired! She wants to travel to Mars but needs to build herself a spaceship first. Take Baby Alice shopping for a spacesuit and the items she will need for her journey into outer space. Help her build the spaceship and then go on a fun adventure together!","stars":100}

Mia Cooking Fruit Pancake
{"description":"Join Mia in her kitchen this summer and prepare a mouthwatering fruity treat with these fruit pancakes. Chop the fruit and mix in with the pancake batter, then fry the pancake mix gently. Add syrup and spices to flavor before decorating with cream and your favorite choice of fruits. Beautiful.","stars":83.636363636364}

Nacho Attack
{"description":"Get ready for nachos! Nachos are the ultimate snack and go well with anything, but how do you like your nachos? Meaty? Cheesy? Covered in mild or super hot sauce? Design your perfect bowl of nachos!","stars":66.666666666667}

Baby Barbie's Little Sister
{"description":"Meet Baby Barbie's little sister! Baby Barbie needs to babysit her little sister and take care of her by feeding her, changing her diaper and giving her a fun bath. Decorate her nursery with brand new cute decor!","stars":86.666666666667}

Barbie Princess Baby Wash
{"description":"Meet Barbie's very own little princess! This cute little girl needs a bath. Help Barbie to wash her baby daughter and make sure she is happy and clean in time for their day trip out together.","stars":61.538461538462}

Ariana Grande Real Makeup
{"description":"Learn some fab make up tips from Ariana Grande! Help Ariana to prepare her skin with a facial makeover and then learn some of her secret makeup techniques by applying gorgeous eyeshadow, lipstick and more!","stars":85.333333333333}

{"description":"Get ready for a beach holiday with a cute pair of sandals by having a pedicure! Make sure your nails look gorgeous for the warm weather and show them off on the beach.","stars":100}
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