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Category: Your Favorited Games


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Astronaut Slacking
{"description":"Sarah has an amazing new job! She's become an astronaut! All of her extensive deep space training has paid off. She has to go outside with her boss to fix a machine part, which is super boring, when all she wants to do is look at the beautiful view of the earth from space! Can Sarah slack off in space without her boss finding out?","stars":84.322033898305}

Elsa and Jack College Date
{"description":"Hi girls. Valentine's day is coming and all couples love this special day because it is so romantic and full of surprises. Elsa and Jack who loves each other very much. Elsa and Jack have a habit of meeting after they finish classes. They are in college now and they must look beautiful together. Let us help the lovely pair find the right outfit for their date tonight.","stars":66.666666666667}

Cooking Fruit Pancakes
{"description":"Girls...1 it's time to make coffee and breakfast. Join Mia in her kitchen this summer and prepare a mouthwatering fruity treat with these fruit pancakes. You have to chop the fruit and mix in with the pancake batter, then fry the pancake mix gently. Add syrup and spices to flavor before decorating with cream and your favorite choice of fruits. Enjoy.","stars":0}

Gothic Girl Fashion
{"description":"Gothic Lolita Fashion is originating in Japan and you all knew that this fashion is now very popular in world. You have to dress up this cute girl with gothic lolita clothes. Have fun. ","stars":0}

Joy's Flower Shop
{"description":"Hi ladies..! In this game you will have to help her with her orders because the phone is ringing non stop and customers are trying to get the prettiest bouquets. You are going to make all your customers happy with this Joy decorations game because you will have plenty of them. Look at the picture with the order and then pick out the best container, the appropriate colored tape and make a nice arrangement with the flowers you have in the store. After that move to the next to see how many you and these are fine or not because in case of any mistake they might send them back.","stars":75}

DIY Uggs Design
{"description":"These snuggly, soft and warm shoes are the way to go if you want to feel fashionable at the same time. This 3 stage game allows you to fully personalize your pair of UGGS. You are going to choose your favorite color or combine as many colors as you want and then add some sparkle or patterns to make your UGGs really stand out. Have fun.","stars":73.076923076923}

CA Cupid Love Potion
{"description":"Valentine's Day is approaching and CA Cupid has a chance to win Dexter Charming's heart. Ca Cupid is so excited at this time of the year to make love potions. With the right love potion, Dexter Charming will completely forget about his crush, Raven Queen and he will only have eyes for Cupid. Have fun!","stars":74.193548387097}

Barbie Brunch With The Girls
{"description":"Hi girls...! This time Barbie is going to a great brunch with her dear friends. Can you help her get ready and look stunning for the event? You can start with the facial session and makeup and then choose a cute dress and fun accessories for her outfit of the day. You also need to clean her face with lotion and remove the ugly pimples, because she hates that. Reshape her eyebrows, apply a mask and then moisturizer for a flawless complexion. After that you can continue with the fun makeup and choose cute shades such as pink for the lids and black mascara on the lashes. Add a blush on the cheeks and a great color for the lips. Pick the best items for a super cute casual look fit for a wonderful doll. Have a great time.","stars":100}

Belle's Magical Closet
{"description":"Belle has to get ready for a very special dinner with the prince, She needs your help because she can't find her things in time. Pearls, tiaras and teacups are scattered around the bedroom, and when you have to find them Belle's hairstyle changes. Finish in time the search and dress up the princess in a fabulous gown. Enjoy.","stars":100}

My Kitty Play Day
{"description":"Hi ladies...! This kitten is having a little trouble and he needs your help. The kitten is getting used to life down on the farm. Could you help him adjust?","stars":77.777777777778}

Dream Pet Link
{"description":"Girls, This game featuring various cute animals such as lions, penguins, or sheep. You are going to connect two identical animals by a path consisting of straight lines to remove the tiles. Have fun.","stars":100}

Tomb Runner
{"description":"In this game you have to get with this hero as far as possible and collect points on your route. The farther expires, and the better for you. Do everything in your power to get really far. Be constantly on the alert, because one mistake can cost you the whole game. Enjoy.","stars":87.671232876712}

First Date Make Over
{"description":"This young woman has a first date with in an hour! So you have to take her on a whirlwind makeover to impress her date. So you are going to help her with makeup, hair, and clothes to make an amazing first impression. Enjoy.","stars":100}

Rapunzel Wedding Prep
{"description":"Girls...! Do you know A wedding is a wonderful moment in the life of every princess? And the preparation is also very important event. Rapunzel and Flynn are finally getting married and they need your help. Join them on this lovely day and have fun.","stars":100}

Manster's Valentine Makeover
{"description":"Hay ladies...! Let\u2019s call the Monster High boys Mansters, because they are men and aren\u2019t afraid of receiving a complete beauty makeover for the Valentine\u2019s Day. And they go out on a special date with their girls, They need your help to look as awesome as they are definitely going to be. ","stars":100}

Elsa Party Dress Up
{"description":"Hi girls...! Elsa is going to a fun winter party at the ice castle! she needs your help to pick out a outfit and look fabulous. Have a great time. ","stars":85.714285714286}

Black Bird Ballerina
{"description":"This ballet beauty where ever she goes follow the Dark and daring dance moves. So become the dancer of your dreams in startling hair, make up and tutu's! Have fun.","stars":87.5}

Now and Then Barbie Wedding Day
{"description":"Hay ladies..! Barbie is getting married and she is so excited! Like any other bride, Barbie wants to have a perfect wedding but she needs to make so many tough choices, Barbie needs your help to choose the perfect wedding dress because there are are two different wedding styles traditional princess dress or nodern one. First, you will have to create Barbie's traditional wedding look, which means that you must create her a princess like hairdo and pick an amazing princess dress for her. Have fun!","stars":50}

Barbie: A Love Story
{"description":"Hi girls...! The Barbie doll is in love with the great Ken and she hopes he will share the love. Barbie needs your help to make Ken fall in love with her and to share kisses and great moments together and, of course, romantic dates. First of all choose a pink dress for Barbie and match it with a pair of high heels shoes. Then pick a great hair style and sparkling makeup. Try a few accessories as well with gold and diamond details. Don't forget about the gorgeous makeup fit for a great princess.! Enjoy!","stars":78.571428571429}

Inside Out Memory Party
{"description":"Joy has invited Disgust and Sadness to a Memory Party where they can watch Riley's happy past events. Because they knew memories can be fun to go through over and over again! You have to get them ready for the big night with spa treatments and pick out cute pajamas. After that put on your 3D glasses, bring the popcorn and enjoy the show!","stars":66.666666666667}

Dream Girl
{"description":"Ladies...! Do you know what's he thinking about? He's not paying so much attention to math class! Looks that he is thinking about his dream girl. You are going to figure out exactly what this cute boy is thinking about and style her for a dream date! Enjoy.","stars":75}

Elsa's True Love: Jack vs Hiccup
{"description":"Hey ladies...! Jack Frost and Hiccup are both in love with Elsa. And Elsa is having a very hard time deciding which one of them is her true love. So to know about which one is her true love, Answer her questions for each one of them and see who did better. The person with the most correct answers will win Elsa\u2019s heart. Have a great time.","stars":84.782608695652}

Pou Pang
{"description":"Girls...! This time come in a new adventure with Pou. In this game your objective is to eliminate monsters and earn more points. Enjoy!","stars":90}

Baby Kitty Hair Salon
{"description":"This cute kitty needs to go into your hair salon. Because Kitty\u2019s fur is all dirty and in a big mess. You have to take care of Kitty because Kitty loves when any body take care of them. Have fun with this game.","stars":100}

Rockstar Marriage
{"description":"Hey ladies...! This glam rock couple is about to throw a raging rockstar wedding! The girl's dressed in a pretty, frilly wedding dress, and the boy's decked out in a rockstar suit and leather pants. You are going to take the guitar away from the rocker. Then throw them a trendy, chic wedding bash for the ages! Have fun.","stars":0}

Cooking Eggs With Bacon
{"description":"Girls...! Do you want to eat like a King and have a very big and healthy breakfast in the morning? Today you are going to be Cooking Eggs With Bacon. First of all you will buy all the ingredients at the store. After that just follow the step by step and cook eggs with bacon.","stars":72.727272727273}

Fashion Dresses Designer
{"description":"Girls do you know, that only the very best fashion designer get to design for princesses and queens! Do you have the enough skills to become a royal fashion designer? By using the skills and different silhouettes, various colors and assorted prints put together a three part royal gown. Have a great time.","stars":94.736842105263}

Disney Princess Bridal Shower
{"description":"Hi girls...! Princess Rapunzel is getting married, and she has decided to invite some fellow Disney princesses on her wedding. You are going to dress them up Disney princesses in beautiful outfits and give them new hair styles. Make sure the Disney princesses look perfect for Rapunzel s wedding shower. Enjoy!","stars":100}

Kendall Jenner & Friends Hair Salon
{"description":"Kendall Jenner invited her best friends for a free hair makeover to her own salon. So, are you ready to join them as their personal hair stylist? First of all, decide who is going to be your very first client of the day: Once you've decided then you have to arrange her hair as she desires. By using the right tools and all your hairstyling skills arrange your client's hair as nicely as possible. You should also choose a lovely outfit and the right sparkly jewelries to dress up your celebrity client. Don't forget to also take care of the other two girls patiently waiting in line. Have fun.","stars":100}

Little Mermaid Haircuts
{"description":"Hi beautiful girls! The little mermaid Ariel need your help very fast! Will you help her to choose one perfect hairstyle for her and one perfect dress for party tonight party? Help our princess and make her happy! Have a great time.","stars":100}

Elsa Realife Shopping
{"description":"Every girl loves shopping, so does our beautiful Elsa. First you have to work with Elsa and collect enough money to go to shopping for choosing new dresses, shoes , jewelry and accessories. Please help her and choose the most beautiful dresses that you can find so she keep up with latest fashion trends. have fun.\r\n","stars":88.636363636364}

Winter Fairy Dress Up
{"description":"Hi ladies...1 This cute girl is a winter fairy. And she is going to take a tour around the woods and decide where to bring the magical snow. She needs your help because she needs beautiful wings, her magic wand and a lovely dress to enjoy this duty.","stars":100}

Sadness Office Job
{"description":"Another boring day at the job, but you can make it better by overhaul everything, First of all you have to put a cheery atmosphere during the duration of your play so get right to it. Then change her outfit by choose some geeky clothes for her to wear at the office. Also you will have to decorate her room, where you will move stuff around, clean the desk up a bit and add some cute stuff to it in order to make it your own.","stars":66.666666666667}

Barbie Confessions of a Shopaholic
{"description":"Girls in this game you are going to do a Barbie confessions of A Shopaholic dress up. Being a shopaholic means you have a strong urge to buy things using cash or credit card even though you have no urgent need for the item. You are going to click and drag the items you want and place it on the cart.","stars":87.5}

Before and After: Selfie Challenge
{"description":"Girls...! This is the opportunity for you to test your skill an creativity, because only with this qualities you will be able to complete your goal successfully. This time you have to help a girl get ready for a selfie. The girl has just waked up and she looks very tired. You are going to help her to look fresh and then to make her beautiful for the shooting. You will get all the necessary indications to know what you have to do to complete your goal. You have to do a nice makeup for the girl. After the makeup you have to chose the right outfit for the girls.","stars":96}
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