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Category: Your Favorited Games


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Astronaut Slacking
{"description":"Sarah has an amazing new job! She's become an astronaut! All of her extensive deep space training has paid off. She has to go outside with her boss to fix a machine part, which is super boring, when all she wants to do is look at the beautiful view of the earth from space! Can Sarah slack off in space without her boss finding out?","stars":84.028121596198}

Princess Makeup Salon
{"description":"Hello girls..! Today you are going to work at the Princess Makeup Salon. You just need to click on the items on the background and make this girl beautiful. Enjoy!","stars":0}

Grandparents Sushi Date
{"description":"Meet the lively and happy grandparents who still go out on dates and have fun together. They both love sushi and, therefore, when they want to go out, a sushi place is their choice. This time you need to help them and make them look nice for their date. Have fun!","stars":0}

The Simpsons Puzzles
{"description":"The Simpsons Puzzle is a jigsaw puzzle game. The Simpsons and puzzles to help you have fun tonight. Be careful and put all the pieces fall into place. When adjacent pieces are near each other they'll automatically click together. You're racing against the clock to finish it, or you can turn the timer off if you'd prefer a leisurely puzzle.","stars":100}

Dragon Queen
{"description":"This girl is a fierce warrior Queen with a loyal, lethal, and lovable pet! Come and meet The Dragon Queen and style her from head to toe in iron armour, deadly weapons, and royal gowns or sceptre accessories! Have a great time!","stars":0}

Snow White's Closet
{"description":"This time Snow White is going to meet the prince, but her closet has been cursed by the Evil Queen and all her dresses have been turned into ordinary objects. You are going to help her to find the missing objects before time runs out!","stars":100}

Fancy Teddy
{"description":"Teddy is probably the cutest bear! It has a lot of costumes and fancy outfits that you must try out. In the end Ted flies with a big bunch of baloons. Have fun!","stars":0}

Barbie Lifestyle Photographer
{"description":"In this game you can help Barbie make some lovely posts with photos for her blog featuring some every day decorations! Barbie needs to keep lifestyle updated constantly, so she has decided to get inspired by Pinterest for three different posts. Help her decorate according to the theme she desires and then take each picture carefully. Enjoy!","stars":100}

Epic Chocolate Pie
{"description":"Hello girls...! The kind of dessert you dare not even dream about, the one and only: Chocolate Pie. This is the ultimate dessert experience! You need to covered in candy and slathered with icing, fruit and all the sprinkles you could ever dream. Delicious!","stars":100}

Anna and Elsa Girls Night Out
{"description":"Elsa and Anna have awesome plans for tonight and you can join them now. Create an event on facebook and write the name of the event and the invite button all the princesses from Disney. you need to choose an outfit for each girl. Anna would love a nice silky dress with glitzy details and a fun new hairstyle with soft curls. Her sister Elsa is next for the dress up. Her favourite dress is blue and it old match well with a blue pair of earrings. Choose a braided modern hairstyle for the Frozen queen and enjoy!","stars":0}

Cooking Colorful Cupcakes
{"description":"Girl...! Today you are going to cook delicious colourful cupcakes for the day. The first thing that you will have to do is to make sure that you do have all the necessary ingredients. Once you will have completed this stage then you just make sure to follow all the instructions, and in the end you will be able to enjoy the most delicious recipe ever.","stars":50}

Princess Superhero Wedding
{"description":"Hi girls...! Today these princesses have decided to make a triple wedding! Their grooms can\u2019t wait to see their lovers. They want to change a style as superhero. But they really don't know how to do it. Can you help them? They will be so grateful for your help. ","stars":50}

The Rattler
{"description":"This girl wants to look like a snake queen from the darkened depths of a faraway jungle. You can use the floating clothing, hair, background and accessory options in which she looks a snake girl. Have fun!","stars":0}

Ladybug Realife Shopping
{"description":"Miraculous Ladybug is on to a new adventure, this time she wants a change of style, but she doesn't have enough money to go shopping. Help her and start working and pick up as many dollar bills possible so you can buy your favourite outfits and accessories. If you don't have enough cash, don't worry! You can just go back home and work more.","stars":66.666666666667}

Modern Princess Wedding Prep
{"description":"Finally, this beautiful princess has found the love of her life. So, she is going to get married with this handsome prince! You are going to prove your fabulous skills to get ready the princes for her big day! Begin with a special makeup, then choose the perfect wedding outfits for this beautiful royal couple! Enjoy!","stars":100}

Fabulous Back 2 School Hairstyles
{"description":"A new school year is about to begin and you have to be ready for the event. Check out this new hair due that is proper for school. All you need to do is follow the simple instructions and you will have a chic hair style in no time. Have fun!","stars":80}

Pink Prom Dresses
{"description":"Both the colours pink and red denote love, The romantic sense of pink colour reveals itself on those special events when you are covered with high quality pink fabric. You can dress up this cute girl with stunning pink prom dresses. ","stars":0}

Cooking Chocolate Cheesecake
{"description":"Hello girls...! Try our chocolate cheesecake recipe right now! This is delicious, smooth, and of course chocolatey enough, upgraded with a triple dose of chocolate on top! Taste this non-baked dark chocolate cheesecake and this is very easy to prepare. Enjoy!","stars":100}

Rainbow Pancake Cooking
{"description":"Today you will prepare breakfast for your family. The list of ingredients has already been set so you will have to grab them off the shelves and into the cart. Lets begin making them by following the instructions carefully. Add some food colouring to the mixtures to create that awesome rainbow effect when you will stack the pancakes up. Then it is off to the decoration part where you will be able to add the final touches for everyone to admire before digging in. Surprise all of them with this awesome breakfast.","stars":100}

Magic School 2
{"description":"Hello girls..! In this game help the student pass all her exams. This time, the challenges are more complex because she has become better at spells as well! First she will have to put a broken magic globe back together piece by piece. The globe will be complete and it will show you the next task. Spoiler alert! She will be flying on a magic broom! Finally she will have to use the collected potions for a magic spell. Have a wonderful time!","stars":75}

Ariel Birthday Girl
{"description":"Today it is Ariel's birthday and she plans to go out with the girls tonight. You can help Ariel open a few of the presents she got and see what is inside. Next you need to dress her up and change her hair style. She will look amazing for her date. Have fun!","stars":100}

Audrey Cheerleader Real Makeover
{"description":"Audrey, a bubbly girl that likes fashion, makeovers and hanging out with her best friends. Today she is going to a cheerleader tryout, but she called you for her help because she needs to get rid of her terrible breakouts. You have to apply soothing creams to clean up the skin, then choose the right makeup and outfit to finish the preparation.","stars":100}

Hop Hop Princess
{"description":"The hop hop princess is very beautifully animated with vibrant colours. It's one big hop, skip, and a jump to the top of the pile of princess prizes! Enjoy!","stars":88.888888888889}

Sparkling Turtle Washing
{"description":"Rub-a-dub-dub...baby turtles in the tub! Clean and wash this baby turtles before the time run out. You can earn more reward if you clean it in less time. Enjoy!","stars":87.5}

Warrior Girl Dress Up
{"description":"This warrior girl is preparing for a battle, but she doesn't know what to wear for this big fight. She needs your help because she has many costumes and all are so pretty but she can't decide. Check out her special outfits, make her try some of them and complete her warrior look with some cool accessories and a new hairstyle and remember that she needs a weapon too. So, make sure you choose one. Have fun!","stars":33.333333333333}

Costumes Fun
{"description":"Hi girls...! Today you can dress up just for fun in a large assortment of fun animal and insect costumes. Be a bee or a lobster, a bunny or a dragon. Anything you want. This is your time to be goofy! Much fun!","stars":0}

Chalk Girl
{"description":"This cute little girl is drawing with colourful chalks on the pavement. She does it really well but there is only one problem - she gets all dirty by playing this way and now she needs your help to clean it. You need to clean her face and dress her up just like a good little girl.","stars":100}

Ariel Nail Spa
{"description":"Ariel has been invited to a big party and she wants to have perfect nails for this event. She just came in your nail spa salon and asked you to make her a perfect manicure. You have to use some hands masks to make her skin smooth, ready for a manicure. After that cut her nails and then to move on to the nail polish section. Enjoy!","stars":83.333333333333}

Find Homer
{"description":"This time you are going to meet with the Simpsons. In this game you will get to see so many beautiful images of your friends from these cartoons, and there On each level, you will have to find the letters H-O-M-E-R plus a doughnut and a beer. Good luck! ","stars":88.888888888889}

A Small Astronomer
{"description":"Hello girls...! Enjoy the beauty of space with this cute Jr astronomer! You need to style this back yard astronomer for a fun and educational look at the night sky! Then pick out a cute,coordinating telescope! Have fun!","stars":100}

Olaf Swimming Pool
{"description":"Olaf's dream of enjoying a beautiful summer's day will come true with the help of the ice queen herself, Elsa. Today you can join the lovable snowman at the swimming pool and help out with the magic! In the Arendelle castle Elsa has a few potions that will make Olaf become sun-proof, You need to pick the right ones to get the snowman ready for the fun activities at the pool. Have fun!","stars":66.666666666667}

Clean Up School Party
{"description":"In this game you will be at school, where a huge party just took place, and because schools starts very soon, Can you please clean up the school after the party? Help the kids to have a clean school and the teacher not to know about this interesting party.","stars":100}

Rapunzel Art School
{"description":"In this game help this princess get her portfolio ready so she can get admitted into the school of her choice! Rapunzel has decided to enroll in a renowned Art school. But she has to present a portfolio with her drawings first and then have an interview. So help her choose her best works to present, then dress her up in an artsy style. Enjoy!","stars":92.857142857143}

New York Attitude
{"description":"Girls...! Take a bite out of the big apple with this stylish one of a kind Empire state high fashionista! You are going to prepare to experience a colourful world of layered looks and textured hair unlike any you've ever imagined! Have a great time!","stars":100}

Moana Joins Disney Highschool
{"description":"Hello ladies! The princess from Disney, Moana, is ready to start high school. Join her as she prepare for this amazing new experience in her life. The first step is a fun outfit. Help her choose a pretty yellow dress with cute aztec patterns and a lovely hairstyle with cute highlights. Now take a tour of the school, so complete the puzzle to find the library and the sports arena. ","stars":100}
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