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Category: Your Favorited Games


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Astronaut Slacking
{"description":"Sarah has an amazing new job! She's become an astronaut! All of her extensive deep space training has paid off. She has to go outside with her boss to fix a machine part, which is super boring, when all she wants to do is look at the beautiful view of the earth from space! Can Sarah slack off in space without her boss finding out?","stars":84.01922499249}

Beach Girl Make Up
{"description":"A lively and colourful summer makeover for the beach! Come and choose your favourite beaded necklaces, There are also beach balls and the head scarves add to the fun beach. Enjoy!","stars":0}

Easy Joe World
{"description":"This cute little rabbit, Easy Joe, wants to get back to his friends, but he has to get past traps and puzzles first. Help Easy Joe to find the exit of each level by interacting with the different objects on the screen!\r\n","stars":0}

Candy Thief
{"description":"This thief has a serious sweet tooth, and it's getting him into all sorts of trouble! You are going to help him navigate the dangerous terrain and get his hands on all the candy!","stars":0}

Sand Castles Forever
{"description":"Girls...! Get ready for fun in the sandbox with a best friend. You need to build a cute castle with your best friend and smile away the day under the sunshiny skies of forever. Enjoy your day!","stars":0}

Barbie Puppy Potty Training
{"description":"Today Barbie came home to find that her little puppy, Taffy, made a mess while she was away. You are going to help her and clean up the room! Find the important items which Barbie will use to potty train Taffy, sweep the mess away and after that she will take the puppy to the park to begin the training. Have fun!","stars":100}

Elsa Ballet Dancer
{"description":"Elsa wants to be one of the best ballerina. Today she needs to look fabulous because she is going on the stage! You need to choose the most elegant tutu and accessories for Elsa and be sure that she will be a real ballerina. Enjoy!","stars":75}

Barbie Spy Squad
{"description":"These glamorous girls are going on a mission. But they can't go without having the perfect outfit. You are going to create a cute look by choosing Barbie's costume, boots and hairstyle. Add a pair of glasses because nobody should recognize her. Best of luck!","stars":0}

Pouty Belle
{"description":"Pouty Belle broke her favorite toy! You need to cheer this cute little cute up with a new outfit. Ther are also some friendly surroundings which you can use.","stars":100}

Punk Rock Braids
{"description":"Punk Rock Braids are the craze in hairstyle right now. This time you need to change from her old hairstyle. There are two hairstyles you can pick from, You also have a wide variety of very bold colours that you can choose. Pick some punk accessories to decorate hair new cool hairstyle with. Have a wonderful time!","stars":71.428571428571}

Elegant Party Prep
{"description":"Today this beautiful lady is getting ready for an elegant party. For such an important occasion she has to look fabulous. So, you are going to help her get dressed with the perfect outfit. You have a lot of collection aof all those special elegant clothes and accessories and pick up an awesome combination to make the girl look absolutely glamorous! Enjoy! ","stars":0}

Anna Real Dentist
{"description":"Today Anna woke up with a terrible toothache, You need to take her to the dentist's office and treat her in right away. Discover which tooth is troublesome and start applying the right treatment. Anna looks little scared, but don't worry Kristoff will be there to calm her down with a sweet kiss so you can fix the problem.","stars":100}

Tattoo Bride
{"description":"Hi ladies...! In this game you can use frilly gowns, fancy veils and daring tattoo to go for this beautiful bride. Love is all around for this one of a kind romantic so you are going to style her bright and dress her with the cute dress. Much fun!","stars":0}

{"description":"Ladies...! This is the stylish memory game set in the nuclear energy. You need to find the same picture and eliminate them. Best of luck! ","stars":60}

Disney Princess Wedding Models
{"description":"Today our two beauties agreed to pose on the cover of the most popular wedding magazine! Today you need to prepare Disney models for their photoshoot. First choose the perfect dress, the gorgeous hairstyle and, don\u2019t forget about accessories. In the end you can see your masterpiece on the cover of Wedding magazine.","stars":100}

Barbie Pretty in Denim
{"description":"Ladies, Barbie loves denim. She like to use a great party to wear such a denim look. You are going to help her create something unique! You can choose the makeup first and then the dress and jacket. You can also choose a hairstyle with gorgeosu pink highlights, which is the cutest hairdo to wear this spring. To finish the denim look try a nice pair of earrings with feathers and gorgeous blue bag. Enjoy!","stars":100}

Bella's Bridal Party
{"description":"Hi girls...! In this game you are going to turn this wedding into a party proper with Bella and her beautiful bridesmaids! You need to Match gowns, cute veils and colourful floral everything for everyone to dress up. Have fun!","stars":0}

Modern Rapunzel Rainbow Trends
{"description":"Rapunzel got inspired by the rainbow and she decided to make a major change with her hair style. Let us help her comb the hair and give her a cool hair style. In the next step complete her look with a nice outfit and accessories. You will have a lot of colourful tops and skirts to choose from so make sure you create a really lovely outfit or choose one of the beautiful dresses. Have Fun! \t","stars":90}

Clean Up Horse Farm 2
{"description":"Hi girls...! Your horse not looks happy because of the mess in the room. In this game you are going to clean different room in your farm to have your horse happy for the day. Best of luck!","stars":66.666666666667}

Barbie Brain Surgery Fun
{"description":"Barbie doesn't feel that well, something is up with her brain. If you ever wondered what is inside Barbie's head, this is your chance to find out! You need to dig into her brain and use magical doctor tools to cut and repair whatever you find broken. Get rid of the shoes, chocolate boxes and reconnect the synapses stars, then place everything right back together and Barbie will go back to her fashion style. ","stars":83.333333333333}

Powerpuff Maker
{"description":"Ladies! The Powderpuff girls are back and this time they have a super fun doll maker challenge prepared for you. This time you get the chance of creating your own super doll as you wish. First you need to select your doll\u2019s body parts: select the skin tone, then her eyes and mouth, pick a super funky face expression and some colourful tattoos for a complete new look. Enjoy!","stars":90.909090909091}

Baking Super Cupcake
{"description":"Cupcakes are the cutest and perfect size for a dessert. You can taste many flavours after one piece and it has the perfect size. Today Jill and Jim are two brother want to bake some super cupcakes for their mother\u2019s birthday. You need to give them a helping hand to prepare the cupcake. Mix the recipe and then nicely bake them in the oven, And then decorate it because this is their specialty. Yummy Super Cupcakes!","stars":80}

Modern Princess Makeup Salon
{"description":"Hey ladies! This beautiful modern princess wants you to make her look amazing, so Use your make up skills and take the princess to your salon and give her a fabulous new look. You can use the make up products and colours you prefer and don\u2019t forget about her hairstyle! Enjoy!","stars":100}

Rochelle Goyle Dress Up
{"description":"Rochelle occupied a roof near a great cathedral. She seems to have taste in combining modern chic with older, classical elements. You can dress up Rochelle Goyle with very nice monster high outfits by playing this cool monster high dress up game. Have fun!","stars":100}

Frozen Princesses Facebook Event
{"description":"This time Elsa and Anna heard that there is going to be a concert and they need to attend. You will be doing a Frozen Princesses Facebook Event preparation. You will be joining the event and helping them shop for their outfits. There are two shops that you can visit with each girl and there you will be able to find everything from new hairstyles to elegant dresses. Snap many pictures of the two while wearing the clothes you chose for them and have plenty of fun together. ","stars":50}

Judy's Romantic Date
{"description":"Hi girls...! Judy and Nick are about to go on the date they have been waiting for for so long. Now, they are ready for the date, but they need someone to style them in order to look their best. Come and join them and dress them up in some fun clothes and make them both look fabulous. ","stars":100}

Masha Playing Dressup
{"description":"Masha has always wanted to be a princess and Bear would do anything to make her happy, so he has brought her princess dresses as a present. Help Masha find the perfect one for her! The Bear still looks like himself, so needs to get dressed up as well. You have some cute props you can use. Have a wonderful time!","stars":83.333333333333}

Elsa in Love
{"description":"Ladies, the cute girl Elsa Frozen is in love. Elsa has a date with Jack tonight and she can't decide what to wear. So help her choose a romantic dinner outfit. Start with the hairstyle first. A good idea for a date are romantic soft curls, which frame her face perfectly. After that check her dress collection and choose a pretty dress with pink and lots of glitter details fit for a pretty princess. You can also accessorize the dress with lots of jewels. Don't forget about the makeup. Try a red lip color, green eye shadow, black mascara and a peach blush on the cheeks. Enjoy!","stars":100}

Girls Fix It - Cinderella's Chariot
{"description":"Cinderella's chariot got broken and now she needs someone handy enough to repair it. You need to take a closer look at the carriage and start fixing! First of all clean up the chariot, glue the windows, sew the curtains and everything will look great again. After that decorate the carriage so Cinderella can go to the ball and meet her Prince Charming.","stars":80}

Tokyo Mew Mew
{"description":"Ichigo and her friends want some totally awesome new outfits and they need your help for this. Help them with some tips and styles with your fashionably forward eye for beauty!","stars":78.571428571429}

Where's the Word?
{"description":"In this game you need to race against the clock to find the words in the grid! Unlock new levels, and try to beat your high score. Best of luck!","stars":77.272727272727}

Candy Hero
{"description":"This high-flying superhero loves candy but he\u2019s got way too much of it. Help him get rid of it all in this exciting match-three game. If you don\u2019t help him out, he\u2019ll get crushed!","stars":100}

Emo Cheer
{"description":"Hi girls...! Kick out some rah emo jams with this one of a kind cheer leader and her pink purple, skull and broken hearted cheer team of pseudo goth, overly emotional fun time cheer dancers! Have fun!","stars":62.5}

Disney College Party
{"description":"These best friends Rapunzel, Ariel, and Belle are off to the same college! They heard about few upcoming super cool parties. Which one will they choose? Check out the collection of clothes, shoes and other accessories. Leather jackets, classy skirts, cute tops. Choose unique style for each Disney princess for the coolest college party ever!","stars":81.818181818182}

Zootopia Fashion Police
{"description":"Judy has taken a part time job working at fashion police and giving fines to all the animals who have ugly outfits. Today s target is Gazelle and she has to dress up for three different events. For each of them you will have to dress her up in what you think is best fit. When you are done, Judy will show you a score sheet where you can see how well you did. If Gazelle's outfit was not completely fine, you will also get a fashion fine. Good luck!","stars":94.444444444444}
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