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Category: Your Favorited Games


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Dinosaur Slacking
{"description":"Sarah has won a once in a lifetime trip to visit an amazing dinosaur park! This park has real life dinosaurs stomping around and Sarah can't wait to see them and take photos. She wants to get closer, but the park keeper won't let her play with the dinosaurs. Can Sarah sneak away and have some fun with her new Jurassic friends?","stars":91.116173120729}

Hello Kitty Dress Up
{"description":"This girl loves Hello Kitty and wants to pick out a cute and charming outfit for the day inspired by Hello Kitty! As her stylist, what outfit will you choose for her?","stars":33.333333333333}

Pou's Treasures
{"description":"Pou has become a treasure hunter! He wants to explore scary dark caves to collect precious gems and jewels. Help him to collect all the treasure in this challenging puzzle game, but watch out for falling stones, explosive dynamite and monsters!","stars":100}

Ariel's Legs Surgery
{"description":"Ariel has a dream to grow her own pair of legs and walk on the surface. Her dream is about to come true as Ursula has a plan! Create a magic potion to turn Ariel's mermaid tail into a pair of legs and then use surgical tools to get them healthy. Dress Ariel up in a new dress and stockings to show off her amazing new legs!","stars":88.888888888889}

Ginger's Wedding Day
{"description":"Ginger is getting married to his childhood sweetheart! They're eager to get married but need your help getting ready for the big wedding. Take them shopping for the items they will need like a wedding ring and dress. Buy party supplies and decorate the wedding venue ready for their special moment.","stars":75}

My Fairy Tale
{"description":"Become friends with magical fairies and create your own amazing fairy doll! Chose the perfect outfit for this fairy makeover and don't forget to spread a little magic.","stars":100}

Fashion Dressup and Makeover
{"description":"Keeping on top of the latest fashion trends can be a bit daunting, but not for this girl! She knows her fashion and knows what is cool and IN this summer. Go on a shopping spree and dress her up in the latest designer clothes and accessories.","stars":100}

Elsa Wedding Honey Room
{"description":"Elsa is getting married and needs your amazing designer skills to decorate and plan out the room where she'll be getting married. Decorate the room for Elsa's special day and pick out a gorgeous wedding dress and cake for her.","stars":87.5}

Barbie Accident Recovery
{"description":"Oh no! Poor Barbie has been in an accident and needs emergency medical treatment. Become her doctor and use the medical tools to care for her and cure her wounds.","stars":75}

Messy Parlour Clean Up
{"description":"Working in a beauty parlor can be a lot of fun, but also a lot of hard work! There have been a lot of customers that have left behind quite a mess. It's your job to clean up after them by cleaning the parlor and making it look as good as new!","stars":85.714285714286}

Pregnant Elsa Cooking Pizza
{"description":"Elsa is expecting a baby soon and she has cravings for a delicious pizza! Take her shopping to buy the ingredients she needs and then follow the recipe to make a tasty pizza. Yum.","stars":100}

Princess Pedicure Salon
{"description":"Give the princess a beautiful pedicure! Shape up her nails and paint them with funky new designs. Don't forget to accessorize with toe rings, tattoos and more.","stars":90}

Emo Pocahontas Dress Up
{"description":"Pocahontas is a beautiful princess who loves nature and who can handle herself. She wants to try out new fashions and is drawn to the colorful emo style! Pick out a fabulous new outfit for her and don't forget to accessorize.","stars":100}

Disney Princesses Go to Monster High
{"description":"There are new students coming to Monster High this semester; Disney princesses! These princesses are new to the fab monster school and need a brand new makeover to help them fit in. Choose a Monster High-inspired outfit for Elsa, Anna, Rapunzel, Snow White and more!","stars":88}

Anna Tailor for Elsa
{"description":"Anna loves to sew and her hobby is making beautiful dresses. But her studio is a right mess! Help Anna clean it up and then use her amazing sewing abilities to finish a custom dress for her Frozen sister, Elsa.","stars":93.103448275862}

Monster High Cosplay
{"description":"This cute girl is heading to an anime convention and wants to cosplay as one of her favorite Monster High characters! But which one? Choose a character for her and then dress up by applying the right makeup and picking out the perfect outfit.","stars":100}

Baby Barbie Kawaii Nails
{"description":"Baby Barbie knows how important it is to keep her finger nails in great condition! She uses soft moisturizing creams on her hands and keeps her nails clean and cut. Decorate her nails with cute and colorful designs for the cutest manicure and then dress her in a kawaii outfit to match. ","stars":100}

Sweet Astronomy: Cookie Adventure
{"description":"Head into outer space on the sweetest cosmic adventure! Match delicious cookies that are out of this world in this fun packed and challenging match three game.","stars":88.888888888889}

{"description":"Help this cute penguin get back to his family by grabbing a sled and racing through this winter wonderland! Avoid danger, collect fish and don't get caught in a avalanche!","stars":83.333333333333}

Beauty and Brains
{"description":"Do you have beauty or brains? Use your natural strengths to run your own pizza stall and beat your opponent! Manage your resources wisely to sell pizzas and advertise your stall. Who will win after thirty days?","stars":77.142857142857}

Sweet Fruit Smoothies
{"description":"Get ready for a warm sunny weekend with a delicious fruit smoothie! This Koala loves smoothies and wants to teach you his favorite recipe. Choose a flavor and pack in as much juicy fruity goodness as you can.","stars":100}

Yay for Yawning!
{"description":"These two best friends had a sleepover and were up late playing games and gossiping! Now they're back at school and they just can't stop yawning. What a pair they make!","stars":78.947368421053}

Baby School Uniform Design
{"description":"This cute little baby girl is heading back to school next week and needs a brand new school outfit for the new semester. Pick out an outfit design and fabric and help her to custom make her own school uniform. Add some accessories to complete the look.","stars":88.888888888889}

Hair Salon Kids
{"description":"Run your own hair salon for cool kids! These kids all need you to make sure they get a great hairstyle. Wash, style and blow dry their hair to earn cash for the day. Can you manage a busy hair salon and keep your customers happy?","stars":90}

Talking Angela Painting Ginger
{"description":"Angela loves to relax and indulge in fun hobbies and today she wants to take up painting and paint a portrait of cute Ginger! Help Angela show off her painting skills.","stars":100}

Mia Cooking Beef Burritos
{"description":"Join Mia in her kitchen to wrap up a delicious Mexican favorite, beef burrito. A good burrito makes hearty snack and can be prepared as spicy and hot as you like. Help Mia prepare the mince and beef chilli sauce by using a variety of vegetables and spices. Then place the mincemeat carefully on a tortilla wrap and serve. Beautiful.","stars":82.840236686391}

Pound Puppy Pizza
{"description":"Head to the pound and become friends with this awesome dog! He loves pizza and he wants to share his favorite recipe with you! Head into his kitchen and follow the steps to make a delicious puppy pizza that this pound hound approves of.","stars":70}

Sofia Swimming Pool
{"description":"It's summer and Sofia the First wants to enjoy the warmer weather by relaxing in her palace pool. Get her ready for a fun afternoon with a cleansing shower before hand, and then relax with her by drinking a cocktail and swimming a few laps.","stars":90.909090909091}

Elsa and Rapunzel College Girls
{"description":"Elsa and Rapunzel are heading to college for a new semester! This time they are room mates in their dorm. Get them ready for class by helping them to apply their makeup and pick out a cute and stylish outfit.","stars":91.578947368421}

Baby Barbie Sports Injury
{"description":"Baby Barbie loves to play sports! She was playing tennis with her best friend when she was hit in the head with a ball and fell into a bush! Ouch! She's really hurt herself and needs you to be her doctor and care for her. Clean up and fix her wounds and then make her a healthy fruit smoothie. When she's feeling better, dress her up in sporty cool clothes!","stars":96.153846153846}

Twin Trouble
{"description":"These twins look alike and have the same amazing taste in fashion! They get in to trouble a lot and are always pulling pranks. Will you dress them alike or help the two terrible twins to find their own identity and stand out?","stars":82.758620689655}

Shin Chan in Peppers Attack
{"description":"The peppers are attacking! Shin Chan absolutely hates peppers and needs help defeating these evil invading peppers! Blast away as many peppers as you can before its too late.","stars":76.470588235294}

Rapunzel's Palace Pet: Summer
{"description":"Rapunzel lives in a beautiful palace with her parents and has a beautiful kitty called Summer! Summer loves to play around in the palace and needs grooming. Help Rapunzel care for her cute cat by pampering her with a bath and some yummy food. Then dress Summer up in cute accessories. Purr-fect!","stars":97.560975609756}

Disney Princess Makeup School
{"description":"These three gorgeous Disney princesses need help getting their make up on! Help Aurora, Jasmine and Belle apply their make up by using the makeup tools and becoming a true make up artist!","stars":82}

Frankie Stein Monster Maker
{"description":"Frankie Stein has had an accident and needs help piecing her back together again! Help find her missing limbs and reattach them for her next class at Monster High. Get her dressed up and decorate her room!","stars":100}
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