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Category: Your Favorited Games


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Snow Day Slacking
{"description":"It's a snow day and school has been cancelled! YES! Sarah can't wait to skip school and go outside to play in the snow but she has homework to complete and her mom won't let her play outside until her essay is finished... But Sarah can't concentrate whilst it's snowing! Can Sarah sneak away for some frozen fun or will her dreams of snow day melt away?","stars":91.836734693878}

Busy Brazilian Dress Up
{"description":"Running your own business is hard work and this super cool boss knows how to work hard and party hard! She lives in the cultural capital of Brazil which means she can look good in the office and then relax on the beach straight after work!","stars":100}

Baby Barbie Frozen Costumes
{"description":"Baby Barbie loves to play dress up and watch her favorite Disney film Frozen over and over again. Who is her favorite character? Elsa? Anna? Well now she can dress up as both Arendelle princesses! Dress cute Baby Barbie up in a fun Frozen costume.","stars":100}

Secret Story Hidden Objects
{"description":"Oh no! This poor fairy has lost her magic. Can you help her explore the forest and meadow to find the items she needs to bring her magic back? Search for the hidden items as quickly as you can in this fun and challenging game!","stars":100}

Princess Kitten Spa Care
{"description":"This cute little kitty is the princess of all kittens! She's a royal cat and she demands purrfect royal treatment! Give her fur a wash and a groom. Make sure she's completely dry and then dress her up in cute accessories and kitty jewelry.","stars":100}

Monster High Werecat Babies
{"description":"Hey girls, have you ever wanted to see Monster High's Catrine DeMew and Catty Noir as babies? Well here they are, and they love to play! These cute baby were-kitties want to make a cake. Help them to decorate their cake and keep them happy!","stars":85.714285714286}

Pinup Baby Doll Creator
{"description":"Create your own cute baby doll! You can custom make your own beautiful baby doll and customize her however you like! Choose her hair and facial features and then decorate her with cool clothes and a stylish handbag, however you like!","stars":0}

Anna's Closet
{"description":"Anna loves to collect and wear all the best dresses in Arendelle but she can't decide which dress looks best. She needs help finding her accessories, which have been hidden inside her closet! Can you find them all within the time limit?","stars":87.5}

Vanessa Newborn Baby
{"description":"Vanessa has just discovered she is having a baby! Help her to relax and prepare for the new arrival in her life. When the baby is born, you will need to be there to check she is happy and healthy.","stars":89.473684210526}

Barbie Puppet Princess
{"description":"Barbie used to love playing with her toy dolls, teddies and even string puppets. She's looking through her old collection of toys and getting sudden inspiration for her latest theater performance; becoming a puppet princess! Dress Barbie into fun and colorful costumes.","stars":83.333333333333}

Timmy and Tina's Messy Rooms
{"description":"Timmy and Tina are twins who love to play with their toys, but now their room is a mess! Play games with them by searching for their toys and tidying them away. Timmy needs help remembering them all and Tina wants to redecorate! Play four fun games in one!","stars":100}

Cinderella Shoes Designer
{"description":"Cinderella loves shoes. She has quite a collection, but now wants something new and exciting... A shoe designed by you! Choose your shoe design and craft out the shoe type you want. Then choose the colors and decorate it however you want. Cinderella will love it!","stars":88}

Catrine Demew Hair and Facial
{"description":"Catrine Demew knows how to make the purrfect hairstyle and this feisty feline and student of Monster High is here to share her beauty secrets with you! Wash and style her hair and then help her to apply her facial creams. When done, dress her up in a cool new outfit.","stars":100}

House Clean Up Rooms
{"description":"Cleaning the house and keeping it tidy can be a chore... Unless you sing and dance whilst doing it! These three rooms need your attention and you'll have to hurry, as mom will be home soon! Eeeep!","stars":93.333333333333}

Subway Surfers Tooth Injury
{"description":"Jake was surfing along the subway and running away from the train guard when he ran straight into a wall! Ouch. He's injured his teeth and now needs you to be his awesome new dentist! Help Jake to repair his teeth and even decorate them with new colors.","stars":90.322580645161}

Rapunzel Cooking Chocolate
{"description":"Join Rapunzel in her royal kitchen and whip up a batch of delicious chocolates! Follow her secret recipe and make this Delicious treat by finding and dragging the ingredients. Yum!","stars":70.588235294118}

Baby Barbie Winter Skating Injury
{"description":"Baby Barbie was playing outside and ice skating on a frozen pond when she crashed and injured herself. Ouch! You'll have to become her emergency doctor and perform first aid. Use the medical tools to clean and patch up her wounds.","stars":100}

Baby Alice Farm Life
{"description":"Baby Alice is visiting her grandma on her farm, but her grandma has injured her back and can't look after her animals! Luckily, Baby Alice and her big sister are here to save the day! Help Alice to gather and care for the farm animals, including chickens, ducks, sheep, pigs and a cute cow!","stars":94.444444444444}

Run for It
{"description":"January is the perfect time to make a new resolution and get fitter. Many will have given up by now, but not this sporty girl! She heads to the gym and practices her running on the treadmill five times a week. She's training for a marathon... But looking good is part of her goals too!","stars":85.714285714286}

Rose Wedding Cake 3
{"description":"Your best friends wedding day is approaching and you promised to make an amazing wedding cake, so you better deliver and make the most amazing and beautiful rose wedding cake ever! Choose the shape and decorate it however you like, as long as it's special.","stars":87.5}

Doggy Becomes Mommy
{"description":"This doggy mommy is about to become a mom again! She's about to give birth so take her to the hospital and make sure she's comfortable. When her newborn puppy arrives check he is okay and wrap him up warm ready to take home.","stars":85}

Break it Down
{"description":"Break dancing is a vigorous and exciting dance that gets your body spinning in all kinds of directions! This girl loves to practice her break dancing on the streets with her favorite disco music and it's important that she looks the part in her colorful disco clothing.","stars":80}

Ever After High Ying Yang Babies
{"description":"Meet Ever After High's Apple White and Raven Queen as beautiful bonny babies! These two opposites need a magical babysitter to take care of them and keep them happy. Dress them up in cute costumes!","stars":100}

Barbie House Makeover
{"description":"Barbie is getting bored of her bedroom's decor and wants to redecorate... But first she will need to tidy it up! Help Barbie to clean her room and hoover up messes. Then dig out the paintbrush and impress Barbie with your interior decoration skills!","stars":87.80487804878}

Elsa Face Painting
{"description":"Elsa has taken a break from being the queen of Arendelle to experiment with make up and create some gorgeous face painting designs! Help choose a design and apply it to Elsa's face by tracing the outline and coloring it in. Add an accessory to complete this magical look!","stars":90.566037735849}

Baby Ella Hurts Her Leg
{"description":"Meet Baby Ella, the cute little baby girl that loves to play! Today Baby Ella was outside playing in her garden when she fell and hurt her leg. Ouch! Can you help poor Ella and take care of her injured leg? Perform first aid by washing and dressing her cut and then take her to the hospital and help the doctor examine her leg for broken bones. Care for Baby Ella and keep her happy within the time limit or she'll cry!","stars":83.908045977011}

At the Art Show
{"description":"Going on a date to the local art museum is one way to soak up culture together... But it can also be romantic too! This loved up couple love to visit modern art galleries and art shows and like to style their fashion choices to the art on display.","stars":88.888888888889}

Baby Barbie Manga Costumes
{"description":"Baby Barbie loves to play dress up feels inspired by all the Anime and Manga toys and dolls she owns. She wants to dress up like a true Manga princess! Help her to find the items she needs and then pick out an adorable outfit.","stars":100}

Kids Coloring Book
{"description":"Dig out your pencil crayons, it's time to color in! Choose a picture from the coloring in book and use whatever color you want to create a colorful masterpiece. Save and share with your friends!","stars":91.489361702128}

Cute Donuts Maker
{"description":"Mmm, I just love donuts! Jelly donuts are great, but ring donuts are my favorite and they're really easy to make. Follow this recipe and you can learn to cook some delicious donuts in your own home! Decorate them with cute toppings and sauces for a sweet treat.","stars":88.888888888889}

Ice Skating Couple
{"description":"This cute couple are actually professional ice figure skaters! They can perform all kinds of beautiful dancing together on the ice and train often. Tonight they are putting on a magical show and need the perfect outfit to show of their amazing skills.","stars":86.363636363636}

Real Wedding Braids
{"description":"This lucky girl is getting married today and needs to get ready by picking our her dress and choosing her hair style. Braided hair styles are the current fashion so the bride wants a cute braided style to walk down the aisle with. Prepare her new hairstyle and get her ready for her special day.","stars":88.888888888889}

Thailand Dress Up
{"description":"Travel to the exotic world of Thailand and experience delicious Thai food, culture... And fashion of course! Dress up in traditional and modern-inspired outfits from Thailand.","stars":100}

First Aid Cooking Accident
{"description":"The little cutie woke today with an idea to cook her mom a delicious breakfast! She's switched on the stove and prepared the ingredients.. But oh no! She's spilled boiling hot sauce on her arm and burned herself! Call 911 and perform first aid to fix this accident.","stars":80}

Monster High Draculaura N Frankie Babies
{"description":"Meet cute Baby Draculaura and Baby Frankie before they're old enough to attend Monster High. These two cuties want to play with their pets but they need a monster babysitter to help them out; you! Help feed and care for the pets and then dress these two babies in cute costumes.","stars":78.571428571429}
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